2014: In Pictures

I’m going to do a series of 2014 reviews that will include runner of the year (American), runner of the year (International), performance of the year (American), performance of the year (International), running shoe of the year and running accessory of the year. Today, I’m starting out with some of my favorite images of the year.


Shalane went right to the front in Boston and held it for as long as she could. Before the race, she had made it clear that winning on her home turf was her personal mission. She didn’t win, but I think anyone who watched her can appreciate the heart she ran with that day.


Meb was hardly an afterthought in people’s pre-race Boston Marathon predictions. He was up against an exceptional field and his mid-race move was not taken seriously. However, as the miles faded away, it became clear that the chasers were running out of real estate. It was going to be close, and I’m nearly certain that every person watching that race was on their feet and shouting at their screen.


Timothy Olson’s “A” race for 2014 was Hardrock. It was the one he trained for. It was the one that all the other races led to. However, it just wasn’t his day – not by a long stretch. At one point, he stopped for a rest on a pile of garbage. However, he got back up, kept moving and finished in just over 30 hours.


This is my favorite image from 2014. Tòfol Castanyer and Iker Karrera ran most of UTMB within a stone’s throw of each other. After more than twenty hours of running, they decided they might as well finish it up together too.


The NYC Marathon had an amazing field, but all of the athletes were humbled by the strong winds. Gebre Gebremariam finished third, and then, he stepped back onto the course to offer up a high-five to Meb as he cruised by in fourth. The comradery was inspiring on a day when everyone had to work a little bit harder.

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6 Responses to 2014: In Pictures

  1. Love this – especially the Boston pictures!! Such a memorable year in distance running.

  2. WalkToRio says:

    Great idea!
    Love the pics.

  3. FLRunnerBoy says:

    Love those pics!!!

  4. Dan Button says:

    Hadn’t seen that NYCM pic before, thanks for sharing!

  5. Love these pictures! Especially the one of Timothy Olson resting on garbage – it’s interesting to see images of the top runners not having a great day. But always inspiring to see them move on to finish.
    Looking forward to your Best Of posts 🙂

  6. OmniRunner says:

    I’ll never forget being at the finish line in Boston this year. I had just crossed the finish and was catching my breath heading towards the medals. I heard someone say something about an had American won. I didn’t believe it. I must be hallucinating.
    A few minutes later I learned that it was Meb! A friend of mine has known him for years and he is just as nice in person and for real as you see on TV.
    That night when I got home I watched 8 hours of coverage of the race. It was an awesome day!

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