Week In Review


I posted a short while back that I’m going to adopt a new format on my blog for 2015. Basically, I’m going to post once a week, and it will cover topics such as:

The News
My Upcoming Races
My Training (including at least one workout per week)
Race Recaps (when applicable)
Shoe/Equipment/Nutrition Reviews

So this is my trial run…

The News

The Philadelphia Marathon was this past weekend. Dan Vasallo took the win for the fellas (2:17:28) and Leonora Petrina came in first for the ladies (2:40:00).

The 100K world championships were held Friday in Doha, Qatar. Max King (6:27:43) was the overall winner and led the United States to the men’s team title. Ellie Greenwood (7:30:48) was the top woman and she led the U.K. to the women’s title.

Max averaged 6:14/mile for 62+ miles and set a new American record. Max can add that to his list of amazing accomplishments in 2014 (1st at Ice Age, 4th at Western States, 1st at Warrior Dash world championship, etc).

The NXN regionals (high school cross country) have been taking place. The New York regional is this Saturday and I expect Fayetteville-Manlius to dominate. The girls finished 2-3-4-5-6 at the New York state meet and the boys were 1-2-3-6-12… really impressive stuff. The girls are currently ranked #3 in the country and the boys are #1.

NCAAs (Cross Country) were on Saturday and the favorites prevailed. Michigan State took the women’s title (Michigan State’s first women’s national championship in any sport) and Colorado prevailed on the men’s side in a dominant performance.

The Syracuse men were 5th and the women were 24th overall.

Edward Cheserek and Kate Avery took the individual titles, as most expected.

My Upcoming Races

None! However, I do have a few dates on my calender – they are registration dates!

December 6 – Cayuga Trails 50
December 15 – CNY Springtime 10k
January 1 – Finger Lakes Fifties

My Training

My training has been great! This is an easy couple of months for me so I’ve been toying around with some new ideas. Lately, I’ve been incorporating lots of hills! I ran 40 miles last week, but I covered over 5,000 feet of vertical. I think this is definitely something I was missing in 2014. I’m going to keep this up and see how it plays out in my workouts/races.

And… today is summery! It’s been cold lately. It hasn’t been extremely cold, but it’s definitely felt a bit like winter. Not today though – in fact, it might hit 70 degrees and break a record that has been around for over 80 years! To celebrate, I’m going to drop a hard mile in the middle of my run today. 5:30? 5:20? 5:10? 5:00? I’ll let you know!


That’s about it for now! Thanks for reading. I’ll be back soon with more exciting info 🙂

Keep running!

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