The Fruitarian Experiment: Day Two


3 apples


3 oranges


2 lbs. of carrots


3 pears


1/2 pineapple
1/2 cantaloupe
1/2 lb. of broccoli

I finished up my two-day experiment with fruitarianism. It went well. I found that it is a lot easier to get enough calories than I thought it would be. The carrots were a little rough, but maybe I just overdid it with the quantity. Also, I need to get bananas and watermelon in there next time!!

I am definitely going to do a longer trial with this diet in the near future. This was pretty much my test run. I’ll have more details on that soon!

Have you been eating enough fruits and veggies?

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6 Responses to The Fruitarian Experiment: Day Two

  1. But where is the protein?!…

    • Jason says:

      Arnstein says you don’t need protein because you are taking in plenty of amino acids via fruit. I’m not sure of the nutrition/science behind this, but he’s got me curious!

  2. marykseaman says:

    I can’t imagine eating 2 pounds of carrots!!! I’ve had a snack pack of baby carrots in my bags for 2 days now and still haven’t eaten them. Go you!

  3. How did you work in protein? Was this for weight loss? I can’t imagine eating only fruit (and veggies) lol.

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