8 Days.


My last race of the year (and for a while) is only eight days away. The weather has been so-so of late. Cool (but not cold). Drizzly (but not rainy). This morning, I took a quick look at the forecast for next week.

Tuesday: 74. Wow, not bad!
Wednesday: 57 and sunny. A beautiful fall day!
Thursday: 56 and sunny. Perfect!
Friday: 57 with showers. Well, it could be worse.
Saturday (race day): 47 and… snow?! WTF?!

Now, I know what you folks from around the country are thinking. If it’s 47 degrees, it can’t snow.


First of all, it’s going to be 37 on Friday night, which is plenty cold enough for snow. But central/western New York is special. There are magical forces at work. It can snow at 30. It can snow at 35. It can snow at 40. It can snow at 45. And yes, I’m nearly certain it can snow at 47.

Am I concerned? Not really. This isn’t my first rodeo. Am I looking forward to it? Oh, hell no! After 74 degrees on Tuesday, 30s/40s/rain/snow will feel… brisk.

Stay tuned.

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5 Responses to 8 Days.

  1. lcryan01 says:

    You clearly live in CNY! This picture of the weather is funny. It shouldn’t be funny, but it is. Good luck!

  2. Sure why not have some snow. I will have to start looking at weather in the Boston region soon….

  3. wanderwolf says:

    It’s like a mirror. 74, then 56 with 57 (another 7) in the middle, then 56 again, and then the reverse of 74. That’s bizarre. But it doesn’t seem to phase you. Good!

  4. piratebobcat says:

    Like my dad always says, ‘the weatherman couldn’t predict a bowel movement, let alone the weather.’ Wise words.

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