Weekend Recap.


It was a busy weekend of racing! This post will briefly cover two road races, two ultras and one vertical kilometer.

Park to Park 5k (Waterloo, Iowa)

This race actually occurred on September 6th. However, it is worth noting that six-year-old Jaden Merrick crushed his own single-age world record. At the Park to Park 5k, he ran 22:26 (7:13/mile). His birthday is next month and the current seven-year-old world record is 22:20. Stay tuned to see if he can claim that one as well!

The Fifth Avenue Mile (New York, New York)

Road miles are gaining in popularity, but of course, this is the biggest of them all. The men’s race was a photo-finish thriller. Jordan McNamara took the win (3:51.0) with Garrett Heath taking second (also 3:51.0). Paul Robinson was one tenth of a second back and Augustine Choge was another tenth of a second behind him.

Full results are available here.

The women’s race also came down to the wire. Jenny Simpson took the win (4:19.4) with Brenda Martinez a close second (4:19.6). Mary Cain was tenth in 4:25.5.

The age-groupers also produced some amazing results. Fifty-year-old Gerald O’Hara ran 4:37; sixty-four year old Ronville Gravesande ran 5:17; and eighty-year-old Ino Cantu ran 6:42. Wow.

On the women’s side, fifty-two-year-old Sarah Harney ran 5:14; sixty-two-year-old Barbara Byrne ran 6:14; and eighty-one-year-old Ginette Bedard ran 8:55. Awesome.

Searchable results are available here.

Run Rabbit Run

Rob Krar continued his dominant season. He won the men’s race in 17:40:05. While the course was different, the script was the same. Rob ran with a few other guys, made a mid-race break and dropped the hammer.

1) Rob Krar 17:40:05
2) Josh Arthur 18:33:05
3) Jeff Browning 19:06:43
4) Ryan Ghelfi 19:38:24
5) Nick Clark 19:50:15

Nikki Kimball pulled away in the women’s race. However, the fight for second was thrilling! Ultimately, Kerrie Bruxvoort edged Darcy Piceu by just three minutes.

1) Nikki Kimball 21:14:36
2) Kerrie Bruxvoort 22:49:02
3) Darcy Piceu 22:52:40
4) Leslie Howlett 25:08:12
5) Hannah Green 29:04:40

Full men’s and women’s results are available here.

The Rut 50k (Big Sky, Montana)

Krar was also in action in Montana. Unfortunately, it was Jeff Krar (Rob’s brother). I guess we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see Kilian and Rob go head to head.

Kilian was Kilian. He cruised the early sections and then took over on the vertical. He pulled away from Sage and ran to victory in 5:09:31. Sage Canaday took second and Manuel Merillas moved up to third.

In the women’s race, Emilie Forsberg was on. She beat a tough field that included Kasie Enman (2nd), Anna Frost (3rd) and Ellie Greenwood (4th).

Full results of The Rut 50k are available here.

Lone Peak Vertical Kilometer (Big Sky, Montana)

Kilian won the 50k on Saturday, but his warm-up was a vertical kilometer on Friday. He pulled away from Rickey Gates late and took the win in 46:12.

On the women’s side, Stephanie Jiminez was the overall winner in 1:02:13.

Full vertical kilometer results are available here.

How was your weekend? Did you do any racing?

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7 Responses to Weekend Recap.

  1. WalkToRio says:

    Wow! The 80 yo still hitting the road hard.
    No racing this weekend, still 2 weeks till my next race.
    Have a nice week.

  2. FLRunnerBoy says:

    No actual races for me this weekend but a nice race dress rehearsal. The running store that’s pitting on my October race was doing a race on the same course yesterday during my training run so I was able to get a little taste of racing on the course without actually racing. I ran the last half mile like a race

  3. Hollie says:

    Wow that’s really awesome about the 81 year old woman. How inspiring. I’m seriously amazed. It was a pretty solid weekend of racing for a lot of people I think. No racing for me obviously.

  4. Wow Sarah Harney would smoke me, and she’s twice my age! Pretty cool 🙂
    I ran a half marathon on Sunday – the weather was fantastic, and I ended up getting a PR which I was pretty thrilled about.

  5. piratebobcat says:

    I’m glad I’m faster than the 7 year old.

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