3 Responses to Scandal!!

  1. piratebobcat says:

    There’s a guy here that I occasionally see on training runs and races. He cannot keep up with me for even three miles on the training runs, but somehow finishes like 10 minutes ahead of me in races. I thought maybe he was cutting the course, but I like the car theory now.

  2. nicoblz says:

    Hello everyone!

    This press release made by Francesca Canepa is to clarify her position regarding her disqualification by the organization for the alleged failure to pass Les Goilles station during the Tor des Geants 2014.

    Francesca is determined and will not give up until she is proved innocent. She has constantly repeated her innocence to the organization of the Tor des Giants. A complaint hsd been filed along with the testimony of an other athlete and three photographs taken by two tourists spectators of the Tor.

    She has presented the scenario in front of reporters at a press conference in Courmayeur. ” With the help of my staff in these past few days we have been able to gather the evidence to prove without doubt that I passed the checkpoint of” Les Goilles “Cogne”. And she adds: “Now I am calm, I know I can prove my honesty to anyone who may accuse me in the future.”

    The evidence concerning Canepa cites the testimony of a runner, who asked to remain anonymous, however the statement, with their identity, are on record: “I saw Francesca Canepa overtake me from Cogne on the bridge of Champlong , then I passed her on the other side of the river, on the road towards Lillaz. After about a mile I stopped to take off my jacket on the climb towards les Goilles and Canepa again passed me and got to the checkpoint a minute ahead of me.”

    Three photographs were sent to the champion’s staff by two tourists who show her passing about 500 meters from the checkpoint.

    With this claim, Francesca Canepa is not asking for money, but wants the facts to be made ​​clear and her reputation restored. “I’ve invested a lot in this race, it is my home race, I hoped to make history by having a hat-trick and cannot deny that I feel deprived of this opportunity.” “We are confident that this appeal will be accepted – added her coach Renato Jorioz – a mistake can happen in any race, we expect that it is recognized that Francesca did the route in the correct way.”

    To those who asked for an explanation on her choice of withdrawing from the race a few hours before the disqualification, Francesca speaks of the stress, the emotional problems, the effort to concentrate and deal with the unfounded accusation made by Paolo Rossi, a competitor from Canavese , that she had accepted a lift in a car.

    The champion said that she had asked the Tor organization to clarify their, so that they could not accuse her of having cheated in the future. She did not receive a reply, only the notification that an investigation process about her had started. At that point Francesca felt she could not continue in such a tough competition, and run for another 180 k in the race.

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