Tromsø Skyrace and The Great North Run

I’ll be following two races this weekend – Tromsø Skyrace and The Great North Run.

Tromsø Skyrace


This is the race-directing debut of Kilian Jornet and Emilie Forsberg.


This challenging course will be made even tougher by the weather – the forecast calls for cool temperatures and rain (the only mandatory race item is a wind jacket).

Very Steep

Very Steep

The 42km skyrace includes +/- 4300m of elevation, while the 19km miniskyrace has +/- 1600m of elevation.

All the mountain water is drinkable

All the mountain water is drinkable




Men’s Top Three:

1) Eirik Dagssøn Haugsnes – 6:38:30
2) Ola Hovednak – 6:49:39
3) Kilian Jornet – 6:49:55

Women’s Top Three:

1) Hana Krajnikova – 9:49:48
2) Sara Johnsen – 12:00:10
3) N/A

Full results of the Tromsø Skyrace are available here.


Great North Run


On Sunday, the Great North Run will boast the one millionth finisher in race history. This is the first time that any race has accomplished this impressive feat (in November, the NYC Marathon will have its one millionth finisher).

In case you don’t remember, the finish of last year’s race was AWESOME. Check it out:

Once again, the race has assembled a high-caliber field, and the times should be blazing fast on Sunday, as the weather forecast looks excellent.



Great North Run: Elite Men results here.

Great North Run: Elite Women results here.

Full results available here.

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