Training Update


My upcoming 50-miler starts at 6am and it will still be dark out. Since I stumble all over even when it’s light out, I had to come up with a plan. I went online and looked for a headlamp. I wanted something waterproof, and I was lucky enough to stumble upon a 2013 closeout at REI. I dug up an extra coupon code and was able to get the Black Diamond Storm Headlamp for $27.73 – not bad!

Friday night, I went to Green Lakes and took it for a test run. First of all, without the headlamp on, it looked like this:


With the headlamp, it wasn’t bad at all. I didn’t fall a single time and I was able to see far enough ahead that it shouldn’t be an issue. Phew! If you are in the market for a headlamp, this one is 100 lumens and I find it to be adequate. The newer model is 160 lumens and is $49.95.

Here are the downsides to running trails alone at night:

1) there are footsteps behind you
2) bugs
3) more footsteps behind you
4) beady little animal eyes
5) footsteps
6) bugs


I also used a hydration vest for the first time – more on that in another post.

Finally, I had the opportunity to try out a new gel.


I went to Fleet Feet Syracuse, and Michele (who just ran the Green Lakes 50k also) suggested I try the Hüma Energy Gels. They are vegan-friendly, gluten-free and dairy-free.

I went with the mango flavor. The ingredients are: mango puree, evaporated cane juice, filtered water, brown rice syrup, ground chia seeds, sea salt and citric acid.

I was impressed with the gels. I will definitely be using a few of them at Virgil Crest.


I managed 45 miles last week – that was my “recovery week” from the 50k. I did an 18-miler (with some mile repeats) yesterday, and that will be my last long(er) run before Virgil Crest. The heat/humidity was pretty brutal yesterday, and I hope it cools off a little in the next few weeks.

How was your weekend?

Did you do a Labor Day race?

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8 Responses to Training Update

  1. Hollie says:

    Sounds like a really solid recovery week. I’m glad everything is coming along nicely.

  2. Ah I love finding coupon codes to snag a better deal than I originally found 🙂
    I would be terrified to run on trails alone. I enjoy trail running, and think it could be exciting at night, but only during a race or with a group of runners.
    Great job on your recent training runs!

  3. 45 miles is some recovery week! 🙂

  4. HC says:

    Good job! I’m super curious to hear about your night trail running adventures. When I go camping every little sound is either a hungry bear or serial killer if I let my mind go there. Good luck!

  5. marathonsam says:

    I have that black diamond headlamp with a red strap! I like it for camping, but it’s just a little too obtrusive for my tastes when I run. I’m intrigued by those huma gels- I like the look of those ingredients.

    I like how your recovery week looks like the peak week for most training plans. Rock on, dude!

  6. Haha! Yes I know what you mean about all of the footsteps!!! And I’m going to try those energy gels hopefully they carry them at my local running store. I have a hard time with energy gels that are too sugary so I’ve been sticking with hammer gels here lately.

  7. Maria Mintz says:

    Your sister is allergic to mangos so be careful.

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