All The Cool Kids Are Going to Central PA

Central Pennsylvania is hopping this weekend!! First, in Williamsport, the LLWS is underway and Mo’Ne Davis is taking the mound at 3pm today (shown on ESPN). I know this isn’t a running story, but it’s too good to pass up!

Check out the science behind Mo’Ne’s pitching here.


…and now back to running. Eastern States 100 is just down the road from the Little League World Series. It starts/finishes in Waterville, PA.


This course is one really big loop that is almost entirely singletrack. It features over 20,000 feet of ascent/descent – and this includes some real quad-busters!! The list of registrants has a few familiar names, and I’m picking Ashley Moyer and Joshua Finger to win it. I think this is going to be an extremely popular race in the coming years and I’ll try and post a link with results, when they start to become available.


Full results of the Eastern States 100 are available here.

Will you be watching the Little League World Series?

What are your running plans for this weekend?

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3 Responses to All The Cool Kids Are Going to Central PA

  1. Jane Likes to Run says:

    I love the Little League World Series. Those kids are so talented. Todd Frazier is still one of my favorite baseball players. I remember watching him play in the LLWS.

  2. piratebobcat says:

    They had the LLWS on ESPN on the moving picture box at the gym. I was like, “why is this televised?” If I want to see crappy baseball, I can go to a Texas Rangers game.
    For the weekend…I’m meeting up with a run group at a taco shop near a lake. Yeah, that’ll do.

  3. runsaltrun says:

    I’ve never watched the LLWS, but I would probably enjoy it. I LOVE baseball so much.
    As far as that race is concerned…VERY COOL! That’s some mind-numbing elevation. I’d be interested to follow that.

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