Marathon News.


It has been a busy couple of days for running news!

Kenenisa Bekele

Yesterday, it was announced that Kenenisa Bekele will be running the Chicago Marathon. If you recall, he ran 2:05:03 at the Paris Marathon in his debut. His stated goal in Chicago is to break the course record of 2:03:45. Of course, unless you’re naive, you know Bekele has the world record (2:03:23) on his mind. Notably, a men’s world record hasn’t been set in Chicago since 1999 – the last six world records have been in London or Berlin.

Mo Farah

Mo has temporarily retired from running marathons. If you recall, he ran 2:08:21 for the London Marathon back in April. Mo is going to focus on European Championships, 2015 World Championships and the Rio Olympics. After that, I think we will certainly see Mo take another crack at 26.2.

The Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon will be a little smaller in 2015. BAA was in Hopkinton last night requesting a field of 30,000. That is 6,000 people less than the field from this year. However, it is still 3,000 more than the field from 2013. Registration for the Boston Marathon opens on September 8th.


Endurance events (marathons, open water swims and triathlons) had an economic impact of $64.1 million in San Diego County last year. A recent study found that 134,000 people registered for 66 different events. More than one out of every three competitors was from out of town. The $64.1 million includes only money spent by out-of-town competitors.

Welcome to Mumbai

On August 15th, Mumbai will host its first ultramarathon. It is a 12-hour run that will be utilizing a 12km loop. There are no prizes, but there is also no registration fee! There will be a book that will profile all the participants who run for 12 hours. Interested in registering for the race? Contact

Local News

The Beast of Burden Ultra is this weekend. It is a 50-mile or 100-mile race on the towpath between Lockport, New York, and Middleport, New York. Sergeant Brett Sobieraski, of the Rochester Police Department, will be attempting to finish the race in under 18 hours. In doing so, he is raising money for Veterans Outreach Center. So far, he has raised about $3,500. If you are interested in donating, email Brett at


Have you seen any interesting running news this week?

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4 Responses to Marathon News.

  1. piratebobcat says:

    I am also temporarily retired from runnin the Olympic Marathon. Twinsies!

    • Hollie says:

      There have been so many announcements lately. Thanks for compiling them Jason. I think breaking the record on Chicago these days needs absolutely perfect conditions (both environment and the person). That being said, I hope he does!

  2. Rachel B says:

    That $$ is an amazing figure!! My friend told me he heard somewhere that ultra runners have a median income of $120k a year… I just laughed and said “well I’m bringing us down!” Teacher salaries… If only they were $120k

  3. I can’t say I’m surprised by the BAA’s news – I knew 2014 would be an exceptionally big year given what happened in 2013. It’s understandable though, given they can’t exactly widen the roads or change the course to accommodate more and more people every year.
    That financial figure is astounding! I knew endurance athletes had more income in general, but to contribute that much in one city alone is amazing!

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