Altra The Lone Peak 2.0 Review


The Lone Peak 2.0 is another great Altra shoe! It is a stylish, zero-drop shoe with a very roomy toebox.


As I’ve stated before, I love a roomy toebox, and these are perfect in that regard! This model has a very comfortable upper that is durable and breathable. They fit true to size – I normally wear a size 10 and the size 10 was spot-on.


The outer sole of this shoe is excellent. It is perfect for softer trails, and I think it would also do the trick on hard-packed trails. I do worry that it would wear down rather quickly on pavement.


This shoe was very comfortable – I almost thought it was a little too soft. I’ve checked out a couple of other reviews and they didn’t note this issue, so perhaps it is just a personal preference.

The shoe has a 20mm heel and a 20mm forefoot – zero drop.

The size 10 weighed 12.6 ounces on my scale.


The Lone Peak 2.0 has a burly tread, a lightweight but impressively durable upper, and just the right amount of cushioning to get me through the roughest trail conditions. – Jason Schlarb

– wide toebox
– great outer sole
– very comfortable
– durable and well-made

– 12.6 ounces is too heavy for racing most distances
– a little too soft?

The Lone Peak 2.0 is available at Running Warehouse for $120.

Also, check out Tom Hutton’s review at Light Heart Light Feet.

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6 Responses to Altra The Lone Peak 2.0 Review

  1. Bryan says:

    Thanks for the review! I love Altra!

  2. Tom says:

    I am a massive Altra fan, especially the Superior 1.0 and the Lone Peak 1.5. However I was disappointed with the evolution of the Superior with the release of the 1.5, and am yet to fall in love with the new version of the Lone Peak. Both upgrades are heavier and feel less responsive than their predecessors. I am a US14 so I really feel extra volume and weight in my shoes.

    I have only done two short trail runs in the Lone Peak 2.0, but already I can say that I completely agree with your comment about their being too soft – way too cushy for my liking as they feel less stable than what I am used to.

    I love the new tread pattern and the shoe is becoming less stiff with each run, but I have already lost chunks from the sole, bringing durability into question.

    The upper seems to fit more closely than the 1.5, which is definitely a good thing, but for the first time ever in a pair of Altras I have toe rub on my right big toe.

    I’ll continue to put them through their paces, but first impressions are not what I’d hoped for!

  3. runsaltrun says:

    I’ve been interested in getting a pair of trail shoes recently and I’m really liking the idea of Altras so thank you for this! Roomy toe box is a definite must for me with all my toe problems. (Too narrow is an instant deal breaker for me on any shoe I buy at this point.)

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