Six Days in the Dome: Update

If you haven’t had the chance yet, check out my post from yesterday on Six Days in the Dome.

Traci Falbo

Traci Falbo photo credit: Bill Roth

Traci Falbo
photo credit: Bill Roth

Yesterday, Traci Falbo set the American Record and the World Indoor Record for the 48-hour run. She completed 242.093 miles (389.6112 kilometers).

The pediatric physical therapist from Indiana ran nearly non-stop for 48 hours. She took only a few brief naps that amounted to less than one hour. She collapsed with about four minutes remaining (she was fine).


About ten years ago, Traci lost 80 pounds and decided to run a marathon. Then, in 2011, she decided to run an ultramarathon. She has had some success on the trails (24th woman at Western States, 2nd woman at the Vermont 100, 34th woman at Leadville) but it doesn’t compare to her prowess on the track.

Joe Fejes

Joe Fejes, The Current Six-Day Leader photo credit: Bill Roth

Joe Fejes, The Current Six-Day Leader
photo credit: Bill Roth

Joe Fejes now has the overall lead in the six-day event. As of 5am EST, he had completed approximately 271 miles. There is still a long way to go in this one!

Dining in the Dome

Fine Dining in the Dome photo credit: Bill Roth

Fine Dining in the Dome
photo credit: Bill Roth

You can stop to eat… or you can eat on the move!


After running in cirles in the Dome for the last 72 hours, some of the runners must be starting to wonder – is there any way out?


What is the longest distance that you have ever run on a track?

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6 Responses to Six Days in the Dome: Update

  1. WalkToRio says:

    Good for Tracy!
    You know how long can your breaks be?
    The longest distance I’ve ever done on a track is 30km, and it was an outdoors track. I doubt I’d repeat.

    • Jason says:

      You can stop for as long as you want – most of the people doing the six-day event are sleeping for a few hours at a time and some people are stopping to eat, ice, etc.

      30km on a track is pretty impressive – nice job!

  2. bpangie says:

    Guessing you’re following the live stream, too? Pretty crazy stuff. I just did my first 100 a couple of weeks ago, and I had trouble walking 1/4 mile the next day, of course two days after I rocked out 1.5 miles, haha. Can’t imagine what these guys are going through. Just insane.

    Really want to have a go at a 6/12hr event on a track. Taking some time easy now, but thinking that hitting the track and grinding out 7:20s until I can’t anymore. Be interesting to see how far I could make it…

    • Jason says:

      It’s pretty amazing – Joe has a shot at averaging 100/day for six days. Pretty crazy. I have been following the live stream on and off. It’s… entertaining.

      I’ve been catching up with your 100 posts – amazing stuff. A huge congrats on that!

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