Newton Energy NR II Review

Newton Energy NR II

Newton Energy NR II

I was excited to try these shoes because I see them as a nice, entry-level Newton. I say that because they offer a little bit of support and the lugs are less pronounced than some of the other Newton models.

Newton Energy NR II

Newton Energy NR II

Since Newtons are all about the forefoot lugs, let’s start there. They are definitely less noticeable than other Newton models. With that being said, they are still there, and these shoes will definitely take some getting used to for non-Newton wearers. Also, this model has five lugs (most older models have four). The fit was pretty average. In other words, I normally wear a size 10 and I was a size 10 in these shoes.

Newton Energy NR II

Newton Energy NR II

The shoe is pretty comfortable and has a very breathable upper. With that being said, it’s not the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever put on. For a longer run, I would be looking for a bit more cushioning.

Newton Energy NR II

Newton Energy NR II

This shoe does offer a little bit of stability and I thought it was quite noticeable. Newton says they have minimum support but I’d say it felt more like moderate.

These shoes have a 23mm heel and a 19mm forefoot – a 4mm drop.

The men’s size 10 was 9.8 ounces on my scale.

Newton Energy NR II

Newton Energy NR II

The toebox was a little narrow for me. I think I could make them work, but there definitely would have been a little friction. This is almost always an issue for me with Newtons. If you were looking for a wider model, this isn’t it.


– added stability
– stylish
– breathable
– lightweight
– an extra lug
– stylish

– still a little narrow
– not much cushioning
– mediocre laces

These shoes are available at Running Warehouse for $110.

They are also available at Zappos for $110.

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7 Responses to Newton Energy NR II Review

  1. I’m not totally sold on Newtons yet. I know I should wear them on a more consistent basis instead of once in a while. It is an interesting idea.
    I think I used the same Fig Newton photo on one of my posts! 😉

  2. Hollie says:

    I haven’t tried the newer models of Newtons yet. I’ve heard they’ve gotten a lot more narrow and a couple people have told me it really injured them. Who knows, I would love to try them though.

  3. PNWRunner says:

    I’ve never tried newtons; however I’m always open to trying new shoes. I haven’t had a newton bar in probably 20 years. Wow do they still exist?!

  4. Thanks for sharing your review about the shoes, I am looking for a new pair!

  5. Now I want some fig newtons.

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