Shoe Giveaway: An Update


Back on July 15, I started a shoe giveaway. For details, or to enter the contest, check out the original post here.

Anyhow, here are the guesses that have come in so far:

Maria 3:22

Sam 3:24:50

Michele 3:25:24

Hollie 3:26:00

Whitney 3:26:52

Laura 3:27:27

Jeri 3:28:00

Samantha 3:29:35

Helena 3:30:55

raomeenas 3:32:42

Diane 3:32:45

Sarah 3:32:47

Olena 3:32:57

Darlene 3:33:33

sbhasin 3:33:33

Richard Sheward 3:35:11

Bryan 3:35:17

Dom 3:35:55

Amanda 3:38:27

Karen 3:39:00

Taylor 3:45:00

Scott 3:45:67 a.k.a. 3:46:07 (I see what you did there)

Michelle 3:47:00

Just to reiterate, it does not matter if you go over, you just have to be the closest!


What is your favorite game on The Price is Right?

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7 Responses to Shoe Giveaway: An Update

  1. piratebobcat says:

    I’m sorry to guess the 2nd slowest time. It was more for the joke than an actual wish for your performance. That said, I still hope I win – need shoes with my name and fave color.
    I like the yodeling game where he falls off the cliff.
    Not to name drop, but I’ve met Drew Carey and have a photo with him. Ok, I did name drop.

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