Talk Ultra, Rob Krar and a Couple of Workouts

Rob Krar photo credit: The North Face

Rob Krar
photo credit: The North Face

I am a big fan of Talk Ultra, hosted by Ian Corless. For those of you who are not familiar with Talk Ultra, it is a free podcast that covers ultrarunning throughout the world. It includes news, reviews and interviews. The show is available every 2 weeks on iTunes and it can be found on the web here.

Each show is several hours long. Past shows have included Ryan Sandes, Anna Frost, Ellie Greenwood, Scott Jurek, Timothy Olson, Hal Koerner, Dean Karnazes, Tony Krupicka, Max King, Stevie Kremer, Mike Wardian, Sage Canaday, Kilian Jornet, Emelie Forsberg, Rob Krar, Ian Sharman, Stephanie Howe, Zach Bitter, Kasie Enman and on and on!

While the podcast is focused on ultrarunning, it is extremely interesting and entertaining, and I think it is beneficial for anyone that is interested in running, fitness and health.

That brings me to today’s topic: speed. This isn’t the first time I’ve written about the importance of speed workouts, and it probably isn’t the last. But for today’s post, I won’t be dishing out the advice. Instead, I’m going to defer to Rob Krar. In the most recent episode of Talk Ultra (available here), Rob Krar talks about the speed workouts that he uses to prepare for races. In particular, he focused on two workouts:

1) repeats of anywhere from one to four miles with short rest in between reps

2) hill repeats – 8 x 3 minutes with 90 seconds rest in between

Rob said that he tries to do at least one hard workout per week. Even though Rob is training for ultras, these workouts are certainly applicable to those training for shorter races. In fact, these workouts are modest compared to the ones done by most competitive marathoners (although I’m guessing they aren’t modest the way Rob does them).

Anyhow, I encourage you to check out Talk Ultra. You can get great advice from Rob and many others in the sport. Listen to it during your workouts – it’s very motivating! Not only that, there are currently 66 episodes in the archives, so that should keep you busy for a while.

Happy listening and happy running!

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5 Responses to Talk Ultra, Rob Krar and a Couple of Workouts

  1. Rachel B says:

    I think speed work is so important for ultra training. I try to do two hard workouts a week – a sustained uphill tempo (20-40 mins) for strength, and either mile repeats, shorter hill intervals, or a fartlek for leg speed and I really feel a difference. I felt like my legs were really springy in my 50k yesterday and I was able to just keep running steady on the climbs as opposed to hiking, which for me destroys my legs and makes it harder to run flats and downhills. Awesome topic 🙂

  2. nelson says:

    I’ll be checking this out when I get home from holiday. I’m thinking of tackling an ultra – next year or 2016 (all being well) – so this might convince me. ‘Marathon Talk’ podcasts really helped me take on my first two marathons.

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