Weekend Recap.

On Friday, Kilian Jornet took on the Dolomites vertical kilometer just six days after winning the Hardrock 100. His tired legs carried him to an eighth place finish.

photo credit: Ian Corless

photo credit: Ian Corless

On Sunday, Kilian was back at it with the Dolomites SkyRace – it’s a 22km race with 3,404m of vertical ascent and descent. Surprise, surprise, he won!

Men’s Results:

1) Kilian Jornet 2:03:50
2) Ionut Zinca 2:05:20
3) Tadei Pivk 2:05:21
4) Manuel Merillas 2:07:29
5) Alexis Sevennec 2:07:54

Kilian En Route To Victory

Kilian En Route To Victory

Women’s Results:

1) Laura Orgue 2:26:17
2) Emelie Forsberg 2:27:40
3) Maite Maiora 2:31:58
4) Christel Dewalle 2:35:53
5) Anna Kozielska 2:36:23

Speedgoat 50k was also this weekend. The men’s race wasn’t particularly close.

Men’s Results:

1) Sage Canaday 5:12:30
2) Paul Hamilton 5:31:15
3) Alex Nichols 5:33:30
4) Rickey Gates 5:46:36
5) Mike Wolfe 5:53:17

Sage Cruises to Victory at Speedgoat photo credit: iRunFar

Sage Cruising to Victory at Speedgoat
photo credit: iRunFar

However, the women’s race was a thriller!

Women’s Results:

1) Anna Frost 6:42:00
2) Kasie Enman 6:43:48
3) Ellie Greenwood 6:53:04
4) Hillary Allen 7:03:57
5) Kerrie Bruxvoort 7:12:41

Anna Frost Takes The Win photo credit: iRunFar

Anna Frost Takes The Win
photo credit: iRunFar

In other news, the bearded wonder a.k.a. Rob Krar popped up on the registration list for Run Rabbit Run.

If you remember, I mentioned Run Rabbit Run in a post back in May after the race established a $50,000 prize purse. It was only a matter of time until an A-lister caught a whiff of the $12,000 first-place prize.

In a race that flew under the radar this year, Brian Rusiecki set an impressive course record at the Vermont 100. He covered the 100-mile distance in 14:47:35.

Brian Rusiecki Setting a Course Record

Brian Rusiecki Setting a Course Record

Full results for the Vermont 100 can be found here.

In the track world, Matt Scherer announced his retirement. Matt’s personal bests include 45.19 for 400m and 1:46:11 for 800m. However, he made his career pacing others. For more on Matt, click here.

Badwater starts today on its revamped course. The race now starts in Lone Pine, where the temperature today will hit a high of a mere 86 degrees. In fact, the temperature may not exceed 100 degrees at any point during the race – hopefully, the runners don’t get too chilly!

Finally, I saw a couple of owls on my run yesterday. I definitely wouldn’t have seen them on my own – but another runner said they were in the area. Nature!


How was your weekend?

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6 Responses to Weekend Recap.

  1. Dan Button says:

    Thanks for the ultra updates! Jornet is some kind of freak! And I mean that as a compliment. I got up in the mountains again Saturday and brought my 4k footer+ total to 41 of 48 in NH.

    • Jason says:

      That’s impressive! Will you get them all done this year?

      • Dan Button says:

        I started back when I was 13 and did maybe 8 back then, but have been doing 3-5 a year for the past 4 years. Got the bug bad for the past year though and would like to finish this fall. Need to start over again though and do it proper through the AMC so I can get the patch. I also want to start going after some of the local FKTs, or at least finding out how far away from them I’m at.

      • Jason says:

        I bet some of the FKTs around there are pretty legit. I bet Ben Nephew is on a few of them. Definitely a fun time!

      • Dan Button says:

        Yeah, I’ve looked up a couple that seem insane. Making attempts all the more seductive! Haha

  2. piratebobcat says:

    “comment awaiting moderation” Haha!
    Looks like some very scenic races there! Oh, and nice hooters!

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