Deal of the Day


I’ll admit it: I enjoy shopping. Well, not necessarily shopping… more like browsing. I LOVE browsing. And nothing gets me more excited than a good deal!

Today, I’ve decided to share some of my latest finds with you!!

Breville the Juice Fountain® Compact


This [factory reconditioned] Breville juicer is $49.99. There is a $5.00 shipping charge – but even at $54.99, this is half the price of the exact same model on Amazon.

If you have wanted to juice, but the cost has held you back – now is your chance!! To view this juicer, visit Woot or click here.

Montrail Rogue Fly (Men’s and Women’s)


These Montrail Rogue Fly shoes are $34.99. There is a $7.98 shipping charge – but you can add more items to your order and still pay that same shipping charge.

If you’ve thought about hitting the trails in a racing shoe, this may be your chance!

To view these shoes, visit The Clymb or click here: men’s/women’s

You do have to become a member at The Clymb – which basically means a daily email… but it is totally worth it because they have some amazing deals. Not only that, use this link and you can save another $10 off your order of $25 or more.

Salomon FastWing Hooded Jacket


These Salomon jackets (women’s) are $43.98. I have a similar jacket and it is awesome! This will ship for free if your total order is over $50.

To view these jackets, visit Backcountry or click here.

Women’s Inov-8 Terrafly 277


Back in January, I reviewed the men’s version of this shoe (read the review here) and I loved it!

These are currently on clearance for $69.88 – but you can get another 15% off with coupon code FB15D. That brings the total down to $59.40, and you get free shipping (and free return shipping if you don’t like them).

To view these shoes, visit Running Warehouse or click here.


Anyhow, those are some of my recent finds!

What are the best deals that you’ve seen recently?

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14 Responses to Deal of the Day

  1. The best deal I got was from Active Advantage. They are refunding $65 for my 5th race this year. If you join their program, they will refund up to $65 of your 5th race registration.
    That $65 covers the cost of the Active Advantage membership fee.

  2. lljkline says:

    LOVE this! I rarely have time to shop, so thanks for doing the legwork 🙂

  3. Dan Button says:

    Those are some killer deals!

  4. carmyy says:

    Hey I just nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award (my most recent blog post)! Check it out 🙂 and omg, that juicer … my roommate ordered it last week! haha she saw it was on sale and the next thing I know, it’s on my doorstep!

  5. piratebobcat says:

    Congrats on your shopping deals! I hope you can find some coupons to go with them.

  6. love that salomon jacket!
    i can’t even remember the last great deal i saw on something i actually NEEDED. 😁

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