A Race Registration and a Shoe Giveaway!!

It’s official! Today, I registered for the Green Lakes 50k. This will be my next big race and I am definitely looking forward to it!

Not only that, I have a fantastic giveaway that I am going to tie to the race!

Not so long ago, I did a review of the Scott T2 Kinabalu 2.0. If you recall, I really like this shoe!!

Great news – I have a pair of its predecessor (brand spanking new in the box) to give away! This is the Scott T2 Kinabalu. It is the women’s model (shown below) and they are size 7.5. According to Shoefitr, this fits more like a 7 than a 7.5. Here is an extensive review done by Niandi Carmont.


Here’s how you win:

1) follow my blog (if you don’t already)
2) in the comments section of this post, guess my finishing time for the Green Lakes 50k (it doesn’t matter if you go over, you just have to be the closest)

Here’s what you need to know:

1) the race is on August 23rd – you have to have your guess in by noon on August 22nd (no exceptions)
2) last year, my time was 3:37:26
3) the course record is 3:28:27
4) this race is at the end of August – there is a 99.4% chance it will be hot
5) I will not run faster than 3:20 and I probably will not run slower than 4 hours
6) If for some reason I DNS or DNF, a substitute contest will be held
7) If there is a tie, I will flip a coin (best two out of three)

If you have any questions, let me know!

Good luck!!

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41 Responses to A Race Registration and a Shoe Giveaway!!

  1. Dom says:

    50K time

    Good luck! 50K is my favorite distance!

  2. Good luck!!!!! 3:47 is my guess!

  3. Hollie says:

    You are going for the course record and going to run a 3:26. Insert psychic emoji here.

  4. Sam says:

    3:24:50. You can send the shoes with my Boston Marathon picture. Thanks.

  5. Trail shoes in my size?! I’m in! Those look perfect for coaching this fall. Looking at your laps from last year, I’m guessing 3:32:47. Good luck!!

  6. Hmm 3:45! You are so darn fast!

  7. Darlene says:

    3:33:33 and good luck!

  8. piratebobcat says:

    I MUST have those shoes (mainly because my name is on them). Um, let’s say, 3:45:67

  9. Helena says:

    3:30:55 good luck!!!!

    • Jason says:

      Got it! You’re actually the second person to pick 3:33:33 – I could decide it with a coin flip – or did you want to go with 3:33:32 or 3:33:34? I know those numbers aren’t nearly as exciting!

  10. How exciting! I have big trust in you, so I’ll say 3:32:57 😀 ❤ xoxo

  11. Jeri says:

    I’m racing that day too! And I’m a 7.5. Sounds like destiny. I see a CR! 3:28 flat.

  12. raomeenas says:

    Good luck!!! I think you’ll run in 3:32:42!

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  14. amanda whitley says:

    good luck…i am guessing 3:38:27

  15. dianebondioli says:

    I’m guessing 3:32:45

    Best if luck!

  16. runwright says:

    I’m guessing 3:39:00 only because I run slow when it’s hot and I know what August races can be like. All the best! Whatever your time, you’re an awesome athlete.

  17. richard sheward says:

    3:35:11 — Good luck and have fun!

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  19. Bryan says:

    Good luck on the 50k! My guess is you’ll finish in 3:35.17.

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