A New Record!

As you may have seen in the “news” recently, Zach Miller, a recent high school graduate, ran a 5:48 mile in swim fins to shatter the old Guinness Book of World Records mark. As you can see in the video below, Miller, a 4:52 miler, has great technique!


If you recall, back in 2012, Keith Levasseur ran the Baltimore Marathon in flip flops.


He finished in 2:46:58.


Or how about Travis Boyd? He ran a half marathon in 1:13:50 pushing a jogging stroller – and he was the overall winner of the Heroes Half Marathon in Everett, Washington!! Or was it his one-year-old daughter Julia since technically she crossed the line first…


Of course, James Nielsen deserves a mention here. The 34-year-old San Franciscan is still the only human to break five minutes in the beer mile.


And don’t forget the original trickster, Abebe Bikila (although I doubt he knew it at the time).



Which of these performances impresses you the most?

Do you have any ideas for a “creative” running performance?

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12 Responses to A New Record!

  1. dianebondioli says:

    The flip-flop marathoner…hands down. To run for that long, in those shoes, at that pace=impressive.

    • laurelleg says:

      I have to agree. Definitely flip-flop marathoner… especially considering I can barely stand a day walking around in them before I start complaining about me feet hurting!

  2. I would land directly on my face running in fins; that is seriously impressive.

  3. Flip flop runner…WOW.

  4. The marathoner or the fins guy, they both seem tough, but the fact that the marathoner ran as fast as he did is impressive. I ran the KC Marathon this last October and there was some guy who knitted a scarf while he ran. He supposedly broke some record. I think for the longest scarf while running, not sure.

  5. Rachel B says:

    There is a pretty comical “race” by me that this post made me think of 🙂 it’s a triathlon of sorts with a cruiser bike ride, run/walk in flip flops, and float down the river in a tube or raft. Solid day right there!!

  6. MihaiTN says:

    Well, the kid in the swim fins is impressive on how easy he makes it look. I am not able to do 10 m with those things in my feet. The marathon guy in flip-flops, I just wonder what can he do if he does it with proper running shoes ? For me, the beer mile guy it is also impressive. I have tried to run after drinking some alcohol and I must confess it was not that easy.

  7. pauldburton says:

    A one year old isn’t necessarily too heavy to push and if it was a downhill course you get pulled along by the buggy. Pushing my 3 3/4 yr old in a BOB is a killer as soon as you hit an uphill slope.

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