Western States 100 (2014): Results & Commentary


Men’s Results (unconfirmed times)


1) Rob Krar 14:53:24
2) Seth Swanson 15:19:40
3) Dylan Bowman 15:36:42
4) Max King 15:44:49
5) Ryan Sandes 15:47:02
6) Ian Sharman 15:47:51
7) Alex Varner15:53:44
8) Brendan Davies 15:56:49
9) Brett Rivers 16:20:08
10) Jesse Haynes 16:36:42

Full results are available here.

Women’s Results (unconfirmed times)


1) Stephanie Howe 18:01:44
2) Larisa Dannis 18:29:20
3) Nathalie Mauclair 18:43:58
4) Pam Smith 19:10:44
5) Nikki Kimball 19:51:32
6) Kaci Lickteig 20:07:13
7) Denise Bourasa 20:19:33
8) Meghan Arbogast 21:14:50
9) Shaheen Sattar 21:20:50
10) Sally McRae 21:24:45

Full results are available here.

The Men’s Race

As I predicted yesterday, Max King took off at the start. By mile 15, he had already built a two-minute lead over the rest of the field. He was still in first at mile 24 and his lead was up to four minutes (the chase pack at this point included Rob “the beard” Krar, D-Bo, Ian “smooth as silk” Sharman, Miguel “run you into the ground” Heras and Mike “more than just a track star” Aish). Ryan “the model” Sandes and Alex “the rookie” Varner were eight minutes back of the lead.

… At mile 71, Rob Krar took the lead and held a slight edge over Max King. Max may have slowed a little, but the truth is, Rob was rolling. Could anyone catch him? Max was less than a minute back; Seth Swanson was 8 minutes back; D-Bo was 17:30 back; and Ryan Sandes was 25 minutes back but moving well – had the Sandman let Rob Krar get away? Sharman, Varner and Brendan Davies were still running well. Many others had started moving in the opposite direction.

By mile 78, “the beard” was within one minute of course record pace… Max “I just want to break 24 hours” King was five minutes back but hanging in there…

Rob Krar crossed mile 85 and it was clear nobody would catch him – but would he catch Timothy Olson?

T.A.O. held onto the record for now! However, Rob “the beard” Krar ran the second fastest Western States 100 ever!

The Women’s Race

On the women’s side, Emily Harrison took off. By mile 15, she had a five minute lead! It sure seemed like she was trying to make a deposit at the time bank – the only problem is, the 100-mile bank doesn’t take deposits! Nevertheless, by mile 24, her lead was about six minutes (Stephanie Howe and Nathalie Mauclair were running two and three).

By mile 38, Stephanie Howe moved into the lead… and she had an eight minute lead on Emily Harrison!

…At mile 62, Stephanie Howe was still leading. Larisa Danis was 21 minutes back; Pam Smith was 31 minutes back; Nathalie Mauclair was 32 minutes back; and Kaci Lickteig was 55 minutes back.

Stephanie Howe cruised to victory. There was never a very realistic threat to her winning. In fact, there wasn’t a ton of movement within the women’s race in general. Congrats, Stephanie! That’s one heck of a 100-mile debut!


Seth Swanson

Seth has won or almost won a ton of races that I’ve never heard of – still, I didn’t expect him to perform this well. This guy rarely participates in big races, yet he had no trouble running in front of Dylan Bowman, Ian Sharman and Ryan Sandes all day long – impressive! I wonder if he’ll be back next year to take a shot at the win.

Max King

Nobody really expected Max to just take it easy. With that being said, very few expected him to lead the race for 70 miles. I suspect that his nonchalant attitude and race antics (the cowboy hat and his “I’m going to pay for this” comments) were all part of a bigger plan to make his competition complacent – and it almost worked.

Now that we know Max can run a decent hundred, I can’t wait to see him take on a fast course like Rocky Raccoon!

Brendan Davies

Brendan knew he was ready for this race and he got many positive mentions leading up to the race, but I think many (Americans) were still skeptical. If he comes back next year, as he indicated, he will definitely have a great shot at a podium spot!

Jared Hazen

This kid is only 19 – he was the youngest finisher in the race… and he killed it! His time was 17:29:59 and he came in 14th overall. He will be one to watch for many years to come!

Stephanie Howe

Nobody is shocked that Stephanie won but I am surprised how easily she won. There was never a real threat to her taking the win. I’m curious how fast she could have gone if someone was closer.

Emily Harrison

I’m just not sure what Emily was doing over the first thirty miles. She was running as if Western States was a 50k or a 50 miler. I’d like to hear more about her race strategy and why she took such an aggressive approach.

Check back later for updates and more!

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2 Responses to Western States 100 (2014): Results & Commentary

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  2. Wow this is insane! The results are simply mind-boggling! I really have no clue how it’s possible to RUN such a distance. I guess one day I’ll be able to comrehend 🙂 xoxo

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