Mont-Blanc Vertical KM and The Start of Western States

Mont-Blanc Vertical KM

If you’re American, you’re probably saying to yourself, “What is a vertical kilometer?” However, these races are quite popular in parts of Europe and they are making their way to the United States! Here are a few upcoming vertical KMs in the States:

La Maratona Verticale VK, Colorado (August 2)
Lone Peak VK, Montana (September 12)
Flagstaff Endurance Runs VK, Arizona (October 5)

Anyhow, yesterday was the World Championships. The course looks something like this:


Basically, the race is a distance of 3.8km – but it also goes up 1km… in other words, the average grade is over 26% (as you can tell by the map, most of it is much steeper).

Kilian Jornet

Kilian Jornet

Vertical KM Men’s Results

1. Kilian Jornet (Spain), 34:18
2. Bernard Dematteis (Italy), 34:36
3. Urban Zemmer (Italy), 34:37
4. Saul-Antonio Padua-Rodriguez (Colombia), 35:01
5. Toru Miyahara (Japan), 35:57
6. Thorbjorn-Thorsen Ludvigsen (Norway), 36:17
7. Travis Macy (USA), 36:29
8. Aritz Egea (Spain), 36:32
9. Alexy Sevennec-Verdier (France), 36:36
10. Pascal Egli (Switzerland), 36:53

Kilian Taking The Win

Kilian Taking The Win

Vertical KM Women’s Results

1. Laura Orgue-Vila (Spain), 41:29
2. Stevie Kremer (USA), 41:37
3. Christel Dewalle (France), 41:50
4. Antonella Confortola (Italy), 43:17
5. Maite Maiora-Elizondo (Spain), 43:31
6. Kasie Enman (USA), 43:52
7. Stephanie Jiminez (Italy), 43:55
8. Francesca Rossi (Italy), 45:13
9. Therese Sjursen (Norway), 45:15
10. Axelle Mollaret (France), 45:34

Laura Orgue-Vila On Her Way to Victory

Laura Orgue-Vila On Her Way to Victory

*** Full results are available here.

Western States 100

At 8am EST, Western States got started and the runners left Squaw Valley en route to Auburn.

If you look closely at the picture below, you can see Ryan Sandes checking out Rob Krar’s beard – how great is that?!

One Minute To The Start! photo credit: iRunFar

One Minute To The Start!
photo credit: iRunFar

Check back tomorrow for results and analysis!!

And They're Off!! photo credit: iRunFar

And They’re Off!!
photo credit: iRunFar

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2 Responses to Mont-Blanc Vertical KM and The Start of Western States

  1. I like new race concepts, at least new to me. It keeps things interesting and to me, part of running is the adventure. You’ve really gotta be good with hills to do one of these.
    We have lots of good hills here in New England, I’ll have to see if there are any Vertical KM races around here. Still not interested in a 100 mile run.

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