Scott T2 Kinabalu 2.0 Review

I’ve tried out other Scott shoes, and once again, I am impressed!

The T2 Kinabalu 2.0 fit very comfortably. It felt very well-made and I think it is really good looking (the men’s shoe is pictured above; the women’s versions are pictured below).

One of my favorite things about the shoe is the sole. First, it is nice and grippy! Second, there is a water drainage system. Third, while this is a trail shoe, it would certainly be adequate for a little bit of road here and there.


I did think these fit a tiny bit wide and a little long. They weren’t loose for me, but they may be for some people. Honestly, I didn’t mind it.

These have a 24mm heel and a 16mm forefoot – an 8mm drop.

The men’s size 10 weighed 10.8 ounces on my scale.

The best price I found was at Amazon (only $70 for the men’s size 10 – wow!) – you can click on the pictures and you’ll get taken directly there!

– very comfortable
– well made
– good looking
– excellent grip
– water drainage
– price

– 10.8 ounces – a little heavy for racing
– a little loose fitting

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5 Responses to Scott T2 Kinabalu 2.0 Review

  1. Epi Ren says:

    Water drainage system? That’s clutch. There’s been times when I’ve had to cross a stream and end up with soggy shoes the whole rest of the way. Annoying, and highly chaffing if I’m wearing socks.

  2. The women’s colors are so pretty!

  3. carmyy says:

    The water drainage feature looks very cool!

  4. piratebobcat says:

    I don’t care how well the shoes work/feel. I need them because my name is on the side!

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