If I Had a Million Dollars

Running can be a really cheap sport… but it can also be a really expensive sport! I think I’ve found a nice balance – I use about three pairs of shoes per year, which I usually try and buy on sale, and I have enough race shirts to carry me through 2038 (although I do have to buy shorts now and again). I sign up for one or two “expensive” races per year, along with a smattering of smaller, cheaper races. But what if I wasn’t being budget conscious…

The Shoes

Salomon XA Pro 3D Ultra CS WP

Salomon XA Pro 3D Ultra CS WP

These are available in Black/Black/Pewter (above) and Olive/Black/Moss (below).

Okay, these are the shoes that I actually run in. They are my one splurge every year – I buy them on sale/clearance but they’re still pretty pricey. What can I say?

The Wardrobe

Salomon Men's Sky Tee

Salomon Men’s Sky Tee

Salomon Men's Endurance Twinskin Short

Salomon Men’s Endurance Twinskin Short


Garmin Forerunner 910XT

Garmin Forerunner 910XT

I was a little torn here – do I go with the 910XT (above), which has a barometric altimeter… or do I go with the 620 (below), which has the high-sensitivity GPS receiver and HotFix™ technology – decisions, decisions…

Obviously, these are a must! You can’t go wrong with the Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 sunglasses!


Of course, we don’t run for the shoes, clothes and accessories – we run for the races!! With no budget worries, I’m off to Tanzania (and Kenya). And obviously a trip to China too – apparently the Great Wall Marathon has 5,164 steps – piece of cake!

Kilmanjaro Marathon

Kilmanjaro Marathon

Kilmanjaro Marathon

Great Wall Marathon

Great Wall Marathon

Great Wall Marathon

If money wasn’t an issue, what is one running item that you would want?

What is a race that you would want to do?

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10 Responses to If I Had a Million Dollars

  1. atwinthing33 says:

    I was going to run the Paris marathon but I couldn’t get the time off. I am looking into the Reykjavik half marathon in August because I love Iceland. I took my tax money and splurged on some races well 23 to be exact and have signed up for more since. My shoes are worn and they don’t make the brand anymore!!!! If I were rich I would quit school and be a personal trainer and run and bike all the time!!!! Oh well… I love my Garmin 910x but my computer died so I don’t upload any data from it. I think I’d like to complete a marathon on every continent

  2. I think I have everything I need. I’m trying a new Saucony shoe and it seems to be great. I’m running a marathon in them this weekend. I’ve been with Brooks for 10 years and will keep them in the rotation. I’m not a big experimenter.
    I still have the first pair of Asics running shorts I bought 12 years ago. The material doesn’t wear out.
    If I had all the money in the world I would travel all over the world and run races untill I physically could not do it any longer.

  3. adarling575 says:

    I would be doing races all over the world… I also really want to do the Great Wall of China marathon one day and also this incredible trail run in Nepal – http://mustangtrailrace.com/

    Having said that, it’s not exactly like I could do both those races this year if I sudennly won the lottery! Money definitely isn’t the only thing stopping me here 🙂

    Plus I would get myself a top-of-the-range multi-sport watch and have a personal trainer to push me in strength and interval sessions.

  4. sueslaght says:

    I have the same sunglasses. Just finished a half marathon two weeks ago and now training for a cycling tour in Italy. Looks like you have some amazing adventures ahead!

  5. GREAT WALL MARATHON, what?!?!?! Sounds like something I’d love to do one day! Oh, and I yet have to purchase a nice GPS watch (preferrably waterproof), any suggestions? xoxo Olena

  6. Different race in a different location every month. With a different outfit. I would also have a top of the line treadmill.

    My husband has a pair of Soloman’s and absolutely loves them!

  7. piratebobcat says:

    Love BNL! Growing up in Ohio (which borders Canada) we knew all about them. Saw them in concert several times!
    I’ve always wanted to run the London Marathon. But lately, I’d trade it for Boston in a heartbeat – since I’m not at the qualifying time yet, I’d have to go the charity route, so I’d put the money towards that.

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