If The Lace Does Not Fit, You Must Adjust It.


I always write about shoes but I saw this graphic the other day and it made me think about laces! I’ve tried a few of these methods over the years and I’ve had some decent results. In particular, I’ve had luck with the “heel slipping” technique and the “high instep” technique (although my instep isn’t particularly high).

But wait, there’s more to laces! There are fancy laces that don’t slip:

Xtenex X300 Laces

Xtenex X300 Laces

There are also laces that aren’t even really laces:

Salomon Quicklace Kit

Salomon Quicklace Kit

Here’s what they look like on a pair of shoes:

Salomon Quicklace System

Salomon Quicklace System

Perhaps this is the future, as Hoka has also moved in this direction:

Hoka Race-Lace System

Hoka Race-Lace System

Personally, I’m not too picky about laces. I have “traditional” laces on most of my training and racing shoes. However, I also use the Salomon quicklace system during the winter and I love it because it’s so convenient.

Do you lace your shoes a certain way?

Have you used different lacing systems? Which one do you prefer?

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11 Responses to If The Lace Does Not Fit, You Must Adjust It.

  1. emmelineruns says:

    I’ve never tried any weird lacing techniques, the fanciest I’ve gotten is one pair of racing flats with yankz laces that I’ve used in triathlons for quicker transitions.

  2. HC says:

    Mine are currently done up with the heel slipping technique. Aside from huffing and puffing every time mine come undone mid-run, I’ve never given laces a second thought. I like the fancy future not-really-laces laces.

  3. piratebobcat says:

    This is crazy, never thought about it much! My Brooks come with kind of ribbed laces the past few generations. I do like those.

  4. I tried the Nathan lock laces about a year ago and was hooked. I bought a pair for each of my running shoes, and some spares. I cannot imagine going myself to regular laces, but I’d be willing to try another system. It’s so convenient to not have to lace my shoes, actually I just put them on and take them off like slippers, without even touching the clips.

  5. I’ve never really thought about laces, and in fact, I rarely do unless they’re too tight or untied! Good information!

  6. bpangie says:

    That’s an awesome graphic. With the exception of the SKORA Core, the first thing I do with all my shoes is relace so there’s no laces in the bottom 1/2 eyelits. My feet are fairly wide and if the toe box is too tight, I start to feel it in my ankles and peroneals.

  7. This is funny because the majority of our customers hate the lock laces on the Hokas! They have been cutting them off. I got a bone spur a while back from tying my shoe laces too tight actually.

  8. osarah26 says:

    I never thought about lacing my shoes differently – I just use regular laces. I might try the high instep.

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