Trails in Motion Film Festival (Ithaca, New York)


The Trails in Motion Film Festival is a project aimed at creating an artistic and engaging global platform to showcase imaginative and awe-inspiring trail running film productions. The objective is to not only capture the true spirit of trail running through the screening of high quality films and documentaries, but ultimately to develop an exciting social and visual experience for everyone who shares a connection with the trail and a deep appreciation for the creative expression of others (taken from the TIMFF site).

When: May 31, 2:00pm

Where: Cinemapolis, 120 East Green Street, Ithaca, NY

Cost: $10.00

Guest Speakers:

Matt Flaherty
USATF 50 Mile Road Champion and Salomon athlete

Krissy Moehl
Ultra diva and Patagonia athlete

Stefan Beaumont
Film maker of Trails and Tribulations

1. Trails and Tribulations [3 mins]
2. Running The Edge [45 mins]
3. GR20 Record – Emelie Lecomte [5 mins]
4. Race Across The Sky [6 mins]
5. White Sherpa [ 3 mins]
6. 5 Races 5 Continents [26 mins]
7. Mountain Runner [3 mins]
8. An Endurance Life [26 mins]
9. Zion Traverse [3 mins]
10. In The High Country [34 mins]
11. The Most Beautiful Thing [8 mins]

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What is your favorite running movie?

What is your favorite non-running movie?

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3 Responses to Trails in Motion Film Festival (Ithaca, New York)

  1. 262x2 says:

    Very cool – if only if I lived closer so I could attend! Coincidentally, I watched Prefontaine for the first time last night; it’s now my favorite running movie. I knew his story, but it was very emotional actually watching the movie!

  2. Phil Taylor says:

    Ithaca is a beautiful town and well worth running and walking through.

  3. This looks awesome! Similar to a Salomon trail running event I attended here in San Francisco.

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