Cayuga Trails 50 – The Ladies


Yesterday, I reviewed the gentlemen’s field. Today, I will be going over the women’s field. Again, I am basing this preview on the registration list, which is available here. It is obviously not a guarantee that all of these athletes will start.

I have linked the athletes to their blogs, if applicable.

Magdalena Lewy Boulet (3:2)

Magdalena is still relatively new to the ultra scene – she came in second in the North Face Endurance Challenge in December 2013 (in her first ultra) and she won the Way Too Cool 50k this March. She brings a world-class background in road racing to the trails. She is a 2:26 marathoner, and as far as I know, she is the only Olympian running Cayuga Trails 50. These trails will be more harsh than the ones that she is used to, but I still think she will be nearly impossible to beat.

Kristina Folcik (4:1)

Kristina won last year and she has just kept on winning! Since taking first last year, she won a 100k, a trail marathon and the Traprock 50k in April, in which she finished 6th overall. She races almost exclusively in the Northeast, so she will be ready for the course conditions, and she won the race last year. She is the most realistic threat to Magdalena.

Krissy Moehl (6:1)

What can you really say about Krissy Moehl? This isn’t her first rodeo, that’s for sure! Ultra Signup found 68 races since 2000 but there’s even more than that! She has won at 50k, 50m, 100k, 100m… and of course, UTMB. She has been the outright winner on more than one occasion. I think she has an excellent chance at grabbing a podium spot, and if she pulled off a win, I don’t think anyone would be surprised!

Amy Rusiecki (8:1)

Amy came in third at last year’s race and she has been running well. She has already won a 50-miler this year and she tied for first at the Bear Mountain 50k with Kristina Folcik. It will be interesting to see if they try and work together on the Cayuga Trails 50 course as well! Amy has tons of experience and she has an excellent chance of grabbing a podium spot once again.

Ashley Moyer (8:1)

Ashley wins just about everything she races. She has won the Oil Creek 100m (3rd overall), the North Face Endurance Challenge (NY) 50 Miler and Manitou’s Revenge. She is familiar with tough races and challenging terrain. Ashley could definitely snag a podium spot with a decent race.

Keila Merino (14:1)

Keila placed third at Leadville last year and she took third at Javelina Jundred in 2012. Keila was also the outright winner of the Great New York Running Exposition – she ran the 100-mile race in 21:05 – on a ninety-degree day. She is a badass over the hundred mile distance, but we’ll have to watch and see how she handles a tough fifty.

Jaclyn Shokey (30:1)

Jaclyn doesn’t have a long ultra resume. I probably wouldn’t have included her here except she ran a 3:57 50k on the blazing fast Caumsett course earlier this year. That’s pretty good speed so I’m guessing she’s in good shape. I’d say she’s a wildcard and should not be ignored.

Chantal Warriner (32:1)

Speaking of short ultra resumes, Ultra Signup lists one race that Chantal ran – it was a 50k, and she won it. However, on her blog, it shows she also ran Run For The Toad (50k Canadian Trail Championships) and she came in 5th. She’s another wildcard and one to watch.

Rachel Paquette (34:1)

Rachel placed third in the Canadian Death Race (125k) in 2012, third in the North Face Endurance Challenge (NY) fifty-miler in 2013 and third in this year’s North Face Endurance Challenge (NY). According to Ultra Signup, she has finished top five in everything she has run since 2012.

Amelia Kaufman & Rebecca Brady (50:1)

Amelia Kaufman is from Ithaca and currently goes to school in Vermont. I’m sure she is no stranger to trail running. She won this year’s NJ Ultra Trail Festival 50k in 4:50:01. Rebecca Brady was just 17 seconds behind her. As best I can tell, it is the only ultra that either of them has run.

**Rebecca is the only person in the race that is under 20.

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