Run Rabbit Run (50 & 100 Miles)


Run Rabbit Run isn’t until September but the race recently drew a lot of attention. It did that by putting together a prize purse of $50,000 for the 100-mile run.


That’s a lot of money for any running event – but for ultrarunning, it’s roughly the equivalent of $6 billion. Okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but this is unprecedented. While some ultra races have put up money for breaking course records, this is the only one I’ve seen where there is so much money just for winning/placing.

Here is the prize money breakdown:

• 1st Place Male — $12,000
• 2nd Place Male — $4,000
• 3rd Place Male — $3,000
• 4th Place Male — $2,000
• 5th Place Male — $1,500
• 6th Place Male — $1,000
• 7th Place Male — $500

• 1st Place Female — $12,000
• 2nd Place Female — $4,000
3rd Place Female — $3,000
• 4th Place Female — $2,000
5th Place Female — $1,500
• 6th Place Female — $1,000
• 7th Place Female — $500

In case you think you have a shot at the prize money, you may want to consider this:


100 Mile elevation gain/loss = 20,191 ft
50 Mile elevation gain/loss = 9,031 ft
Average elevation = approx. 9,000 ft

The race website states:

These are not beginner’s runs. The uphills and downhills are fairly steep. You’ll spend a lot of time at an altitude of nearly two miles. There may be snow, rain, sleet, wind, or then again, it may be hot. Please do not try to run this course if you’re not completely prepared.

Course records, age records and past results can be found here.


Do you think this type of prize money is good for the sport? Bad for the sport?

Do prizes/awards/medals influence your decision to participate in an event?

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12 Responses to Run Rabbit Run (50 & 100 Miles)

  1. I think this is FANTASTIC. I’m so impressed with races like this and Pittsburgh stepping up and putting some money into this sport. I think it spreads out the wealth a little and lets lots of really talented runners get some benefit from all their hard training instead of only supporting a few.

  2. Jane Likes to Run says:

    I don’t know if the prize money is necessarily a bad thing. Like you said, this is for seasoned runners. Is not like it’s a 10k or even a marathon. So I’m not sure that the prize money will cause people to enter into the race that have no business being there. I would assume there’s a cap on the entry number anyway, so maybe they were seeing a drop in registrants and wanted to spark some interest? Prize money has never influenced my decision to enter a race (probably because I have a slim chance of every winning it). But I know people who have entered an event just for the medal.

  3. Lucas says:

    This race was actually created in the hopes of bringing a “championship” style race with big prize money to the community. It doesn’t draw as much attention from big names as it’s only in it’s 3rd year but it is a great event and worth checking out. With names like Timmy O, Schlarb, Yates, McRae, Karl M and Kimball (among many others) though, it still draws some big names. The 50 is also a great race if you want to check out the area.

    The extra kink in doing this race is that the 100 is split into 2 categories. The Hares start later after the Tortoises and only the hares get a chance at the big money. The hard part is, no pacers for Hares, mid day start time means running in the dark (most of these guys barely run in dark with early start times at other races. That must be nice). Tortoises still get a chance at money but not nearly as big. Definitely go check out this race tho if you want a good fun challenge. They had 13 kegs of local beer and all you could eat pizza for runners. It was a good day for sure.

    • Jason says:

      Excellent – thanks for the comment! That is definitely championship style prize money. Just curious – any reason you know of that the field is kept so small? 250 people seems pretty tiny to me. Also, any idea why more A-list guys don’t run it?

  4. bpangie says:

    Totally mixed bag for me. Great to see some of the folks who deserve some cash for all their hard work finally having the chance. I think it has the potential to bring a lot more attention – through sponsors, and elite marathoners maybe moving up – to a sport that already doesn’t know what to do with it’s sudden growth.

  5. Prize money means absolutely nothing to me personally… I won’t ever win any so it doesn’t influence my choices. It is great to see some prize money out there though, especially for a race with a high difficulty level such as this. The elevation map is impressive…..what a challenge! Whoever wins that deserves a little cash!

  6. piratebobcat says:

    Wow, crazy elevation chart! I’m not fast enough to challenge for race money, but I am competitive in film festivals (i’m a producer) and I know how cash prizes bring them out of the woodwork – and not always for the best!

  7. carmyy says:

    I would LOVE to be able to do a 50 miler one day. The prize money is amazing and I feel as if it’s good for the sport. There are some people who dedicate their lives to training and the prize money is essentially their income. I personally don’t decide on races based on prize money since I’m no where NEAR top 100 😛 I did win a towel once for being 2nd in my age group. haha

  8. GAH! oh steamboat – i miss it sometimes! having run most of the course myself, it definitely IS all up or all down. i believe the cap is 250 because of permits having to do with the national forest. also, maybe not the reason, but having been at RRR100 for the last two years, that size is probably perfect. the course crosses through the middle of town a few times and not sure things would flow as smoothly as they do if they increased the field size.

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