Mountain Goat Run – 10 Miles (After)


On Friday afternoon, I headed to Fleet Feet to pick up my Mountain Goat packet. This year, instead of shirts, we were given Mountain Goat backpacks. This was an interesting switch. I also received my bib.


I took Saturday off from running. I wanted to give my legs just a little extra recovery. I checked the forecast a couple of times on Saturday. As the day went on, the forecast for Sunday morning got cooler and windier. As runners know, the weather is the one thing that is out of our hands!

I got to the race pretty early on Sunday morning. It was about 45 degrees and quite windy. I jogged a little to warm up and I headed over to Clinton Square for the Strong Hearts Run Club picture. I finally made it to one on time!

Strong Hearts Run Club

Strong Hearts Run Club

I warmed up a little more and then headed over to the start. I lined up near the front and noticed that the field was extremely fast this year. Most of the fast locals were there, as well as many speedy out-of-towners.


I went through the first mile in 5:20. This was a little quicker than I would have liked but I felt pretty good. I was in 16th place and there was a decent gap in front of me and behind me. I was definitely going to be running by myself for most of the race.

photo credit: Variety Studios

photo credit: Variety Studios

My friend, Sam, was running all over to cheer for me (he was probably also cheering for Natalie, who was the third female finisher). It was a nice boost in the early miles.

Natalie, en route to 3rd place (photo credit: Variety Studios)

Natalie, en route to 3rd place
(photo credit: Variety Studios)

Sam and Henry.

Sam and Henry.

The course was closed down to traffic, which was nice. It was also really well-marked… well, for the most part.


I hit the halfway mark in 28:24. This is about a minute faster than I was last year. I still felt pretty good, and at that point, I realized I was on track for a big Mountain Goat PR.

My family came and watched me despite the terrible weather, which was awesome! And this wasn’t the first race they’ve endured in lousy weather! I am pretty sure Norah has now seen five races – I can tell she is ready to stop spectating and start participating!

Megan and Norah cheering me on

Megan and Norah cheering me on

Norah, in training for Mountain Goat 2024

Norah, in training for Mountain Goat 2024

The winner finished in 49:46 – one of the fastest times ever on the course.

Dereje Deme Breaking The Tape

Dereje Deme Breaking The Tape

I finished in 57:21 (5:44/mile). That was good for 16th place out of 2,464 finishers. As I said above, my first five-mile split was 28:24. My second five-mile split was 28:57. The truth is, I just ran out of steam in the final mile. I had been running all alone for the entire race and turning back into the wind with a mile to go broke me. It happens.


I did a quick cooldown (as it started raining) and ordered some Strong Hearts.


I also had to endure a tough lecture from Norah on race strategy and negative splits. If you think Alberto Salazar is a tough coach…

Full race results can be found here and searchable results can be found here (If you use the searchable results, you can see splits for the first five miles and the second five miles).

Anyhow, that’s it! No video recap today (because it was cold after the race and I forgot). My next race will be the Cayuga Trails 50. I’m probably in the best shape of my life so I’m cautiously optimistic!

Did you race over the weekend? How did it go?

How would you feel about a race backpack instead of a race shirt?

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28 Responses to Mountain Goat Run – 10 Miles (After)

  1. lljkline says:

    Congrats again! Glad to hear I’m not the only one who died on that last mile…the one I was most looking forward to, and it was a struggle!

  2. Chris P says:

    Congratulations! Great timing, Jason!

  3. erinobrienruns says:

    Love your recap and congratulations on an amazing time!!! And that little sweet pea is just the cutest little thing ever 🙂

  4. Reading this makes me really miss Mountain Goat. After Broad Street this year (which I really enjoyed), Mountain Goat just seems like a harder more painful version. Though I’m currently staring at my AG award from last year which was lovely.

    Great work Jason. You sure had a fan club there!

  5. runsaltrun says:

    You. Are. AWESOME! Great recap and congrats on that AWESOME time!! Cool medal too. 🙂
    Norah is SO CUTE. Mine is my best little coach as well. I love when she comes out to support me when I run!

  6. pauldburton says:

    Excellent report and a great run.

  7. I rarely wear the shirts from races… my plan is always to one day turn them into a quilt… yeah not soooo much…. I DO love bags… bags of all sorts…

    Nice job at your race this weekend… the weather was not ideal to say the least!

  8. Great race recap. Congrats on the 16th place that is awesome. Man you got a rough coach there lol.

    Raced on Saturday, fiancĂ© and I both got 5k PR’s.. I would take a race back pack, something different from the usual tech shirt.

  9. I have a ton of shirts. Given the option, I usually grab a hat or whatever else the race organizer provides.

    Great run. Glad Norah was there to see you. Sure to provide inspiration for her in years to come.

  10. Despite a HORRIBLE positive split (juuuusttt kidding) you ran an awesome time and had some kick ass cheerleaders too. And don’t be cautiously optimistic, just be freaking confident about Cayuga, running solid times on courses such as mountain goat….definitely says good things.

  11. Cat says:

    Awesome run, and congratulations on getting 16th place! I like race shirts myself, but it’s nice to switch it up occasionally!

    I ran my second marathon this weekend and killed my previous time. It was a good weekend!

  12. congrats on your race! and I think you have the cutest cheering section, norah is adorable!

  13. kelby of newenglandoutlook says:

    Great time! I also love the name of the race…The Mountain Goat Run – sounds cool! Backpacks are a pretty unique idea instead of a t-shirt. I think it’s refreshing to get something a little different! No race for me this weekend, but doing a lot of research to try and find one sometime in November!

  14. Brittany says:

    You killed this race, amazing job!! Your time and placing are so freaking legit. You should have taken a photo of the backpack!! I need a visual. Sometimes I like getting different items other than t-shirts. One race I got a bag small enough to carry all my car items in and I’ve been using it for over a year. I love it!

  15. I’m always so impressed at how fast you are! Congratulations, and nice race report.

  16. irenejean says:

    Holy cow that’s fast! Congratulations on a great race!!

  17. upstaterunner says:

    Late pass, but I had to say congrats – you killed it!

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