Mountain Goat Run – 10 Miles (Before)


The Mountain Goat 10-Miler is this Sunday. It starts at 10:20 AM.

The Course


The Mountain Goat course is tough – it has two rather large uphills with two rather large corresponding downhills. You won’t set a ten-mile PR on this course, but it is manageable. It will be good practice for the Cayuga Trails 50, which has much larger hills.

The Weather

The weather is going to be terrible. In fact, it may be the worst of all the years that I’ve run this race. At the start, it will be about 50 degrees, 75% humidity and 20 mph winds. And possibly raining. So there’s that. Not exactly ideal running conditions.

Race Attire


I will be sporting my Strong Hearts Run Club shirt!

Past Results

I’ve done this race many times. In 2012, I ran 1:00:14. I was the first person to finish in over an hour. In 2013, I ran 59:50. I was the last person to finish in under an hour.


I definitely want to break an hour again. Originally, I was hoping to finish under 59 minutes, but I’m not sure the weather is going to allow it. This is the last race before my ultra, so obviously I want to finish strong and stay healthy. Stay tuned for my post-race report!

Are you racing this weekend? Where? What distance? What is your goal?

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9 Responses to Mountain Goat Run – 10 Miles (Before)

  1. Whoa, sounds like a tough course and tough weather too. I’m racing a 15K this weekend which is a favorite race of mine, but looks like I’ll be facing some tough head winds. Good luck!

  2. Sounds like such a tough race, and your times from previous races are amazing! Hope you have a great race.

  3. upstaterunner says:

    I kept trying to tell myself the weather wasn’t going to be that bad this weekend … thanks for bursting that bubble for me 😉 I’ll just be running for fun though, so I guess it won’t be a big deal for me either way. I hope you do well, good luck!

  4. I didn’t believe anything could be worse than the heat bucket from last year but this takes the cake. Good luck and have fun.

  5. Maria M says:

    Good luck on this race. When is your “ultra”?

    Love, Mom

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