My 27-Mile Long Run

Green Lakes State Park

Green Lakes State Park

My ultramarathon is right around the corner (June 1st) and I wanted to get in one really good long run. I was hoping that it would be on a warmer day, so that I could acclimate a little bit, but that was not to be. In fact, when I started running today, the temperature was in the 30s (wind chill in the 20s), and even by the time I finished, the temperature had only made it into the 40s (wind chill in the 30s). LOL. Welcome to “Spring” in central New York.

I decided to run the 7.77 mile loop that the Green Lakes Endurance Run uses. It’s a nice loop that has some soft trails, some hard trails, some grass and a couple of big hills. I did the loop three times, which put me at 23.3 miles. Next, I ran the 5k course that only goes around the lower lakes. That put me at 26.4 miles. I added a little bit extra to get to 27 (OCD).

For fuel today, I had two 20oz bottles of GenUCAN, two GU Roctane gels (gag), one VFuel gel, one Picky Bar and some water. I think I took in about 700 calories during the run. Obviously, on race day, I will need to take in quite a bit more.

I ran the first loop in my Saucony Guide 6s and then I switched over to my Patagonia Everlongs for the remaining 19 miles. I really like the feel of the Everlongs – they are so comfortable! You should definitely check them out if you’re looking for a trail shoe to train/race in.

I feel pretty good about things. I’m already a little sore, but not that sore. I feel like I definitely had another 23 miles in me. It was a nice day for running, even if it was a bit chillier than I would have liked. Green Lakes is a great place to train and I highly recommend it if you are ever in the area.

Green Lakes State Park

Green Lakes State Park

What is your long run strategy leading up to races?

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14 Responses to My 27-Mile Long Run

  1. Sam says:

    Dude, you’ve got to tell me about these things! I totally would have joined you for (part of) it.

  2. Good luck with that Ultra. I’ve never done one, but there is a local 12 hour ultra this summer.

  3. pauldburton says:

    Excellent run. It was cold in PA this morning too. Bad day to choose to run in shorts… Brrr!

  4. Nice run! It was FRIGID this morning in Burlington. Thought I could put my headband away, but I was wrong.

  5. piratebobcat says:

    Way to go! Looks like an awesome place to run! I try to treat my long runs like I would on race day – so I lay out my clothes the night before, and get up much earlier than normal. Most people around here do their long run around White Rock Lake (9 mile loop with options for more if you take connecting trails), so that’s where I usually go too.

  6. You. Are. Awesome! I can’t imagine running 27 miles and having anything left!!! Nice run my friend!

  7. irenejean says:

    Awesome job getting that run done! I mostly run half marathons, and I like to do my longest long run two weeks before a half so I can fully recover. I’m training for a Fall marathon and will run my longest run three weeks before that race. So my main strategy is to schedule enough rest. I also try to practice my race plan, get up early, eat the foods I plan to eat before and during the race, have everything ready to go in the morning.

  8. Good lord.
    I don’t really have much else to say. I just had a flashback of my marathon and nearly peeling over and here you are doing these runs as no big deal.

  9. Erin says:

    I love the way you make 27 miles sound like a relaxing day in the park 🙂 But the only thing I find surprising is that you didn’t OCD out to a nice round number of 30 🙂

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