I’ve always been very indecisive when selecting running shoes. I’ll take weeks or even months to search for the perfect pair. I thought my indecision was limited to shoes… I was wrong.

I’ve been trying to pick out a new racing singlet – some of my older ones are a little worse for wear. Here are the factors I’m considering for a new singlet:

1) fit
2) function
3) style
4) cost

So this should be easy, right? It’s just a shirt, what’s the big deal?


Is it just a shirt? IS IT?!

Anyhow, these are the three I’m considering:

The North Face Better Than Naked Singlet

The North Face Better Than Naked Singlet

– extremely light and breathable
– flatlock seams
– nice colors

– it fit a little big
– a little more expensive than the others

New Balance Impact Singlet

New Balance Impact Singlet

– New Balance “Icefil” technology, which allegedly creates a cooling effect
– breathable
– the cheapest option
– nice colors

– some chafing concerns

2XU Tech Speed X Run Singlet

2XU Tech Speed X Run Singlet

– 2XU Ice X material, which allegedly creates a cooling effect
– flatlock seams
– nice colors
– UPF 50+ sun protection

– I’ve never worn anything by 2XU
– there are lots of seams
– it feels a little heavier than the others


I have some questions for you!

Have you ever worn clothing that is supposed to provide some type of cooling effect (e.g. Icefil, Ice X, etc.)? Does it work?

Have you ever worn anything by 2XU? How is the functionality? Quality?

Do you obsess over racing attire?


The North Face singlet is available at Running Warehouse.

The New Balance singlet is available at Zappos by clicking below:

The 2XU singlet is available at Running Warehouse.

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9 Responses to Indecision.

  1. Love the name of your blog! I like the yellow, I’m partial to those colors as an Iowa Hawkeyes fan 😀

  2. Well I like the look of the 2XU best and would stray with anything that causes concern about chafing. I only have one 2XU top which was given at a race but the size was wrong for me so I haven’t worn it since. The fabric is a bit heavy also so not great for the Triopics. Not much help I know but I don’t analyze my purchases too much but go more on instinct. If it looks good, fits well and is a ‘cooling’ fabric, i go for it:) oh and the colour matters a lot!

  3. I find that a tight shirt helps prevent me looking like a victim of snipers. Different fabrics seem to work better also.

  4. I would say, based on that guys picture, you should go with the one that doesn’t cause chafing OUCH. haha

  5. piratebobcat says:

    Here in Texas I’d probably have to choose the one with SPF, haha. Can you try them on? I’d take the most comfortable (although the one with chaffing concerns is concerning to me)

  6. The New Balance one looks the coolest. Chaffing stinks though.

  7. North Face! If you’re already thinking the word “chafe,” just no. Lots of seams also makes me nervous about chafing. If you wear it a lot (summer training, races etc) I think the price will even out.

  8. supereli23 says:

    I tend to purchase things that don’t have a lot of seams, especially around the neckline and armpit area (where I get my chafing). I look at pricier running attire purchases as an investment, if you can get a few years out of it the cost evens out.

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