Taking A Day Off

Me, On My Day Off

Me, On My Day Off

Hi, my name is Jason, and yesterday, I took a day off from running. I’d run every day since March 9th. I’m not a run-streaker per se, but I rarely take days off. Even when I know I could use one, it’s not an easy decision. However, I’d been thinking about a day off for a while and Mother Nature decided to take the matter out of my hands. Yesterday’s rainy, snowy, windy, freezing mess was the perfect excuse to take a day. The truth is, it wasn’t so bad. I went to Strong Hearts for lunch, drank a little extra coffee and did a little reading. While I was in Strong Hearts, I was reading this month’s issue of Ultrarunning. Specifically, I was reading about the Beast of Burden Ultra. At that very moment, The Rolling Stones came on – you guessed it: Beast of Burden (you can’t make this stuff up). Now, I’m not one to believe in signs, but WOW. Anyhow, the world didn’t end and I’ll be back at it today. Hopefully, my legs will be fresh and I can pick up where I left off!

Me, On My Second Day Off

Me, On My Second Day Off

Fortunately, I’ve been pretty healthy of late *knock on wood* and I haven’t had any injuries *knock on wood* – it is much harder to handle a second day off…

Me, On My Third Day Off

Me, On My Third Day Off

And a third? Let’s not even go there.

How often do you take a day off from working out?

How do you handle it?

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12 Responses to Taking A Day Off

  1. emmelineruns says:

    I have to take days off relatively regularly, once every 7-10 days for me. My body will start responding negatively to a run and I know it’s time to take a day off to make sure I don’t cause myself any injury.

  2. lljkline says:

    Ironically, I took a day off yesterday too. And the weather definitely helped with that decision. I don’t plan days off – I listen to my body and take them only when I feel I need one. Sadly, I did not get to go to Strong Hearts on my day off… But it was still relaxing, and I didn’t feel too guilty about it as I sometimes do.

  3. runsaltrun says:

    I generally only run 4 days a week, then I cross train 2 days (bike/yoga/strength) and then I take every Friday off to rest completely. This Friday I have a day off of work for the holiday and my daughter is going to daycare. I have no idea what I’m going to do with myself!

  4. Angie says:

    I take Monday’s entirely off as I swim, bike, yoga and do weights on top of running. I like Monday’s as it’s always a busy weird day at work and it is less stressful having to do a work-out that day too. I still walk my dog three times so it’s not really a total day off I guess.

  5. I can usually handle a day or two away from a good workout, but after that I become not a very happy person. haha

  6. I know due to travel I’ll probably have to take next monday off. I don’t normally plan my rest days but allow them to come. Does it seem like this winter injury has been all around? I’m glad you’ve stayed healthy!

  7. bgddyjim says:

    I can deal with a day off every week but two days in a row I can’t stand.

  8. Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine says:

    I usually take 1 day off per week, but lately between an almost-injury, taper, and maratho recovery, I have been taking 3+ days off per week. I am looking forward to building back up to my normal routine!

  9. I take 2 days off a week from running, one of those days I crosstrain, the other is total rest. At my level of running I think I’m at a good place in terms of my training, and I think running more would only work against me.
    As long as I stay with the training plan and do all my scheduled runs, I’m fine with those 2 days off. I do miss running, especially on the total rest day, but my body needs it so I just wait 24 hours and then do a tough speed work session.

  10. Maria says:

    I usually take one to two days off a week more if I do more than one workout in a day. I love taking rest days! It makes me appreciate the days I do workout even more.

  11. piratebobcat says:

    I take 1-2 days a week off, but some days I do more than one workout. I never feel bad about it. Recovery has been helpful for me.

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