Weekend Recap

The London Marathon

Wilson Kipsang and Edna Kiplagat Win The London Marathon

Wilson Kipsang and Edna Kiplagat Win The London Marathon

The London Marathon was Sunday morning. In the men’s race, Wilson Kipsang pulled away and won a race that was never really in doubt. His winning time of 2:04:27 set a course record, but missed his own world record by over a minute. The women’s race was much more exciting, as Edna Kiplagat and Florence Kiplagat took it right to the wire. Edna won by three seconds and Tirunesh Dibaba was fourteen seconds back of first. Dibaba, making her marathon debut, stopped near the 30km mark to pick up a water bottle she dropped. It may have cost her the race. When asked after the race how the marathon is different than track, Dibaba stated, “It is more kilometers.”

Mo Having Fun During The London Marathon/ Mo Not Having Fun During The London Marathon

Mo Having Fun During The London Marathon/ Mo Not Having Fun During The London Marathon

Prior to the race, Mo Farah elected to run in a chase pack. He seemed to have some difficulty with pacers during the race (they may have gotten too far in front of him) and he also had issues hanging onto water bottles. After the race, perhaps slightly humbled, Mo indicated this would not be his last marathon. He finished in 8th place in 2:08:21.

The Rotterdam Marathon

Eliud Kipchoge Wins The Rotterdam Marathon

Eliud Kipchoge Wins The Rotterdam Marathon

Eliud Kipchoge, the pre-race favorite, won in Rotterdam in 2:05:00. His hope for a course record (and a world record) were dashed early on, as Mother Nature was uncooperative. His 2:05:00 in windy conditions may have been the most impressive (and least discussed) performance of the weekend.

The Lake Sonoma 50

Zach Miller Leads/Sage Canaday, Chris Vargo and Rob Krar In The Chase Pack

I love when ultras have close finishes, and Lake Sonoma did not dissapoint. Zach Miller (winner of the JFK 50) went out hard and Sage Canaday and Rob Krar were in pursuit much of the day. With three miles to go, Zach still had a three minute lead over Sage and a five minute lead over Rob. It started to slip, as Sage and Rob also raced each other, but there simply wasn’t enough real estate and Zach hung on.

Lake Sonoma 50 Results:
Zach Miller 6:11:10
Rob Krar 6:12:14
Sage Canaday 6:12:58

As Ultra Runner Podcast pointed out, “cruise ship kid Zach Miller” is now “that kid’s a badass Zach Miller” – needless to say, he won’t be sneaking up on anyone from here on out.

Emily Harrison In Record-Breaking Form

Emily Harrison In Record-Breaking Form

In the women’s race at Lake Sonoma, Emily Harrison was also rather badass. She set the course record in 7:26:15.

Lake Sonoma 50 Results:
Emily Harrison 7:26:15
Stephanie Howe 7:33:24
Kaci Lickteig 7:37:42

Two Things To Watch:

1) Will Zach Miller run Western States? If he does, can he beat Rob Krar for a third time in a row?
2) Kaci Lickteig has dominated many smaller ultras over the last two years – and now she has finished 2nd at Rocky Raccoon and 3rd at Lake Sonoma – both in competetive fields. Is a major win next?

Did you race this weekend? How did it go?

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13 Responses to Weekend Recap

  1. I ran a 10km race this weekend. Nothing quite as inspiring as these athletes. I cannot believe someone can finish a full marathon in a time less than I can finish a half. It’s just mind blowing!

  2. urbanempress says:

    Reblogged this on Rebuilding The Empire and commented:
    Proud to be Kenyan!

  3. Thank you for giving me all this race knowledge.

  4. piratebobcat says:

    Very cool. London has been my dream race for years. I did race a 5k this year – was fortunate enough to win my division and finished 5th overall!

  5. I followed both races as well, and found both pretty interesting. In London, all eyes were on Mo of course. I thought the commentators were pretty ridiculous to be honest… I know there was much hype, but given the circumstances (starting with the chaser group, being left behind by his pacers), I think Mo ran a pretty good first marathon. It’s not what he’s hoped for, but the point is, things didn’t go right at all and he still ran very much an elite time. There’s room for improvement and I’m looking forward to his return. I’d also like to see the commentators take him on in the marathon. 😉 The Lake Sonoma 50 was wicked – very swift runs and I loved that the men’s finish was so close. As for little old me, I ran a half-marathon on the iconic “Chariots of Fire” beach in St. Andrews on Sunday. It was a tough run, as I had done a 24 mile training run the day before. Definitely not a PB race for me, but I made it around and learned a thing or two about myself. 😉

    • Jason says:

      Excellent job – that’s a lot of running!! It sounds like a very cool race – how much of it is on the beach?

      • The organisation was sadly a total mess… we ended up running 4 loops of the route, and about a quarter of each loop was on the beach. The rest was on the roads, but there were also some grassy bits and of course we had to cross the dunes and deep sand twice on each lap, which seriously zapped speed!

  6. Thanks again, you are my source of running news! 🙂

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