Guilty Pleasures


Some people post pictures of kittens. Others post pictures of dogs. I post pictures of adorable miniature beers next to mountains of guacamole. Okay, I’ll admit it – I couldn’t get the scale quite right (the Hennepin is a 25.4 oz bottle).

Today’s post is about guilty pleasures (and managing them). My top 3 are:

Kettle Chips

I don’t just like guacamole, beer and kettle chips – I love them. If I ate as much of them as I wanted, I would look a lot more like:

Mayor Ford Hydrating With Mountain Dew For His Afternoon Workout

Mayor Ford Hydrating With Mountain Dew Before His Afternoon Workout

And a lot less like:

Kenenisa Bekele Crossing The Finish Line In Paris

Kenenisa Bekele Crossing The Finish Line In Paris

So here’s what I’ve done:


Can’t stop, won’t stop. If it’s around, I’ll eat it. Fortunately, it’s the most harmless of my guilty pleasures. In fact, due to the avocados, there are many healthy benefits for runners.



For the most part, I’ve stopped drinking while training for goal races. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still have a beer here or there. However, my 2am nights of stumbling drunkenness are on hold. Since I’ve cut back during training, I’ve managed to lower my marathon time from 2:53 to 2:42 – not bad!

Vice President Biden "Training" For The Marine Corps Marathon

Vice President Biden “Training” For The Marine Corps Marathon

Kettle Chips:

I love these things. Love. Occasionally, I’ll have a few during training because they’re so good. Did I mention that I love them? After a race, I’ll definitely have “a few” more.


What are your guilty pleasures?

How do you deal with them during training?

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45 Responses to Guilty Pleasures

  1. mskatieblaze says:

    Ha, this made me laugh. I don’t drink much during training either, so I can relate. Those kettle chips. My family LOVES them.

  2. Andrea says:

    We definitely share some of the same guilty pleasures. I’ve already made guacamole twice this week :). After my last race I had a sandwich and kettle chips which were so amazing. I think I crave salt and they hit the spot. I’m a beer fan too, but lately bloody mary’s have been my favorites. I also indulge in a few more donuts while training than I normally would. It’s always a fine balance between knowing a few more treats are ok and not wanting to overdo it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Wild Juggler says:

    Great post! I can kind of relate. I love potato chips, but I rarely eat them. I occasionally eat guacamole; if it is vegan, very fresh and prepared the right way I can really enjoy it, but I rarely find guacamole like this. I should try making my own, especially for Cinco De Mayo.

    I seem to be missing the gene most people have that allows them to enjoy beer, though I love beer pancakes. I just don’t like it as a beverage. Have fun running, Jason!

  4. emmelineruns says:

    I’m a massive chips/salsa/guacamole person. I may have had it three times this week…oops. And I had three beers last night. Haha. In general though, I only drink a beer (or 2 or 3) on days where I have a rest day the next day so it forces me to space it out and only indulge now and again.

  5. evygonzales says:

    I totally understand. the other day after my 20 miler training run I came home and made my famous salsa, sat down and ate almost the whole bag of chips and drank a modelo especiale. my 2nd fave chips are the kettle salt & vinegar. I also cut down my drinking during training. I have a rare beer here and there. silver lining is i am a lightweight now. now i want chips, guacamole and beer for breakfast… i guess my oatmeal will do.

  6. I have a few “bad for me” things I like and even love, although my true guilty pleasure is sweets. The thing is, and I discovered this a few years back, the less I eat of them, the less I crave them, so it’s easy for me to keep it as an occasional indulgence only.

  7. runwright says:

    I love nachos with salsa and cheese. I try to use the multigrain tortilla Chips and I eat much smaller quantities than I used to. Moderation.

  8. Beer and Pizza are the big ones. I can eat half a pizza for dinner. Beer I’m a 1 or 2 a day guy.
    Sometimes I get these carb cravings, and then no cookie or bucket of icecream in the house are safe.
    My best defense is to just get out of the kitchen and get busy. Then at 10pm I’ll have a few peanut butter crackers and avoid the cookies & icecream.

  9. djamesbutton says:

    My chip of choice is the blue corn tortilla, but on the other two I can totally relate! I don’t stress too much though, long as I don’t have more than two beers in a serving (24oz) during normal training. I try to cut out beer and pastries completely about a month out, those are two that I know do nothing to help me physically. I’ll have a beer on occasion post long run still, after taking in some needed nutrients.

  10. Brittany says:

    So I don’t run fast…at all…and I never will. This means I REWARD myself with whatever I want (within my idea of a healthy balance) after a long run! HA! I can get DOWN on guac…for me though I am all about the sweet treats. Your 11 minute drop in marathon time after cutting out beer is amazing!

  11. My guilty pleasures are beer, sweets, and junkfood… I eat like a 16 year old boy… I’m a 31 year old mother of two lol…. I always tell myself as long as I have them in moderation I should be fine… moderation is always the key…

    I nominated you for the liebster award. See more deets here

  12. haha I like this post. My guilty pleasure would be ice cream. I can’t even have it in the house. But every once in awhile is alright

  13. piratebobcat says:

    Oh I’m with your on the guac! I want to eat all of it! And yes, I do consider it healthy. I do like good beer too – it’s carbo loading, right? My other guilty pleasure is Helluva Good French Onion Dip. If it’s around, I can’t stop myself.

  14. Beer is definitely one of my guilty pleasures!! And being in Denver we have a new micro brewery popping up every week, it’s a HUGE guilty pleasure! My other one: cheese. Love cheese. Cheese and wine! lol

  15. Cat Hiles says:

    My guilty pleasures are beer and ice cream. We brew our own beer and have so much at home, but I only drink twice a week most weeks because I don’t like drinking the evening before a morning run.

    As for ice cream… Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream is a local thing and it’s incredible. I could eat an entire pint of that stuff and feel no guilt.

  16. Angie says:

    I eat avocados every day! Can’t live without them. I really like these almond butter dark chocolate balls I make too. I think I run so I can justify eating 2-3 of those every day.

  17. Love this post.

    My top 3:
    1. Coca cola
    2. David’s Bar-B-Q Sunflower seeds
    3. Bread–potato bread especially

    I’m able to control the last 2 but I haven’t found a way to curb my soda intake. It’s a problem. I’m sure I’d be a lot healthier (and maybe even faster) if I stopped drinking it but I can’t.

  18. Luke Hearn says:

    Great post- made me laugh! I work in a brewery so my first guilty pleasure is obviously beer. My second is cheese- strong English cheddar is my biggest weekness. I could eat kilos of the stuff. And thirdly it’s condiments, specifically sweet chilli sauce. I used to add it to just about everything savoury until I realised it was basically liquid sugar. I think cutting out condiments has been my biggest struggle; just goes to prove how people (like me) are addicted to hidden sugars!

  19. This is so good! I kind of feel like if you DON’T like to eat, running probably isn’t a good sport for you ๐Ÿ™‚ My guilty pleasures are chocolate, wine and cheese. I do still eat these things, but I have to keep them in moderate amounts, otherwise my stomach pays for it. My alcohol intake is very low during training as well, I can’t have 2 glasses of wine and run 10 miles the next day or I feel terrible! I’m with you on guacamole too but, unless it’s made with sour cream, if you go easy on the salt I would classify it as healthy ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. I definitely have a few guilty pleasures. I wrote a post on them too. My biggest ones are Cheez Whiz & Dairy Queen Blizzards.

  21. If it’s sweet it’s for me. LOL, all of my guilty pleasures are sweets. Red velvet cake, carrot cake…sugar…cake…ugh.

  22. I love this post! My guilty pleasure are chocolate, peanut butter, and red wine. I don’t drink when training for a goal race but don’t worry too much about the rest, as I reach peak mileage I usually drop a lot of weight regardless of what I eat. I just focus on eating plenty of healthy food/calories and eat things like miniature peanut butter cups to keep the junk food in moderation.

  23. runrodrun says:

    Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls and Chocolate Cake………I could eat a whole McCain Deep & Delicious without any problems any day!

  24. OMG Jason! I didn’t see you coming with this kind of post at all. I mean, AT ALL!!!! I’m dying rolling on the floor. You’re hilarious!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ My favorite post so far. Haha! xoxo

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