Haven’t You Run Before?

Mo Farah will be running the London Marathon on Sunday – his first ever marathon. At the London Olympics, he took home gold in the 10,000m:

Then he took home gold in the 5,000m:

No Passing Zone.

No Passing Zone.



Both races went out quite slow and finished extremely fast. This made them rather exciting. How exciting?

David Beckham: Closet Track & Field Fan

David Beckham: Closet Track & Field Fan

The two wins at the Olympics gave Mo rock-star status.

A Couple Of Pretty Fast Guys

A Couple Of Pretty Fast Guys

That Awkward Moment When Your Pictures Is Bigger Than William And Kate's

That Awkward Moment When Your Picture Is Bigger Than William And Kate’s

However, despite rock-star status, this happened:

Um, yes, he has run before.

Anyhow, in 2012, Clare Balding, a BBC presenter, came up with the Mobot. Mo has used it to celebrate his wins, including his wins at the Olympics. He has also used it to raise money for The Mo Farah Foundation.

The Mobot

The Mobot

Learn to do the Mobot by watching below:

Did you watch Mo Farah race in the Olympics?

Who is your favorite “celebrity” runner?

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8 Responses to Haven’t You Run Before?

  1. wow a 61 minute half marathon! that is amazing! (like the question if he has ran before. it would even more impressive if not haha)

  2. runwright says:

    Fav celeb runner is Usain Bolt. Because I am Jamaican and because he is just such an incredible runner, no matter how fast he goes, he always look like he could go faster.

  3. Rachel says:

    LOL, I remember hearing about someone asking Mo Farah if he had ever run before. I think it was yet another occurrence though. I don’t have any predictions about who will win the London Marathon, but I’m a fan so I hope he does well there!

  4. atwinthing33 says:

    I am jealous. I want to run in the London Marathon. I think that is my official 2015 goal. I want to qualify for Boston but I seem to be slowing down. I had all of the speed I needed the past two years with my sub 1:40 half marathons but I was just too lazy to do the full…I did finally…idiot I am and got heat stroke and vomited during my april marathon in the south ah ah ahahaha…I think Mo will rock the London Marathon. I am jealous I wont be there to see it…Goooooo MOOOOOOOOO

  5. Brittany says:

    This is just insane. I am so fascinated by people like this. Also, that D.Beckham photo…so good.

  6. I loled at that video so hard. I don’t know why I had not seen it before.

    Mo is such an inspiration because he is so friendly, nice and personable. He is fast but it super genuine if that makes any sense.

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