I realize that Spring officially started last month, but it actually feels and looks like it today! With that being said, today’s post is going to take you through one of my runs. It is a route that I run on a regular basis. I hope you enjoy it!


The Madison Court Condominiums

These condos are right along the Mountain Goat course. This block provides a nice reprieve in an otherwise hilly neighborhood.


Thornden Park

In 1921, the City of Syracuse purchased Thornden Park for $225,000. It is 76 acres, making it the second largest park in Syracuse (it is 1/11 the size of Central Park in NYC and 1/18 the size of Forest Park in St. Louis). It is home to the E. M. Mills Memorial Rose Garden, which is consistently rated as one of the best rose gardens in the country.


The Euclid Stairs

181 stairs mark the entrance to Westminster Park – a 4.7 acre park hidden just out of sight. These stairs connect Euclid Avenue to Westminster Avenue and make for a fantastic workout in the warmer months. There’s still a tiny bit of snow/ice left on them, but not for long!


Westminster Park

The Euclid Stairs are tough but getting to the top is worth it. You have a view of the Syracuse University campus and you can see much of the city.


Barry Park

Barry Park is about 15 acres and home to what I call “suburban single-track” (although it’s actually in the city). Sure, it’s not ideal, but if you have an upcoming trail race and nowhere else to prepare, this is the place to be.


The Festival

The Syracuse Festival of Races has been around since 1993. Recently, it has been used as the USA Masters 5k Championships. However, not so long ago, it was one of the fastest road 5k’s in the world. Not convinced? In 2002, three men ran 13:30 or faster. Seven men ran 14:00 or faster. Seventeen-year-old Josh McDougal ran 14:38 (and placed third in the teen age-group). That’s right, the same Josh McDougal that outsprinted Galen Rupp and Lopez Lomong for the NCAA title in 2007. Jordan, his 15-year-old brother (and current ultra-runner), ran 15:19. Khalid Khannouchi, the former world record holder in the marathon, ran the Festival several times… and he only has the twenty-third fastest time on the course. With all that being said, it’s nice training on courses that have a little bit of history.


Manley Fieldhouse

My route takes me right by Manley Fieldhouse. On many occasions, I’ll see runners from Syracuse’s (Top 10) XC team out and about.


Oakwood Cemetery

Oakwood Cemetery, which dates back to 1859, contains 160 acres and includes many paved and unpaved roads. It is one of the best places to run in the city. Also, it reminds me of Ed Whitlock, who allegedly trains three hours per day in a cemetery.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed coming along on my run!

Do you run the same route every day or do you like to switch it up?

Do you run by anything interesting?

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15 Responses to Spring!

  1. Lovely places! I never thought of history of places where I run. It’s definitely a game changer! Lots to think about too as I run. Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  2. leerunsdistances says:

    Nice pics and scenery! Looks like a rave run in my book.

  3. Beautiful pictures! I have basically 3 routes I run… I’d like to explore a bit more, but for the sake of convenience I stick to the usual ones.

  4. BakeNBurn says:

    Great pictures! I love to explore new routes when running.

  5. piratebobcat says:

    Looks lovely, thanks for sharing.
    My routes switch with my mood. My favorite place around here to run in town is White Rock Lake in Dallas. Lots of interesting stuff to see there!

  6. thetaxmancometh says:

    Looks like most of the places I usually run by. Do you ever try the stairs behind Ed Smith? They lead to the water tower above Manley–I just learned about them and am going to work it in this weekend.

  7. So, so pretty!!
    I typically run around the same area(s) so they’re pretty boring. Unless I’m trail running–those lend themselves for much better views 🙂

  8. I wish you had blogged when I lived near there. The only place I have run listed is the mountain goat route! LOL. These all look really enjoyable and great scenic views (when it’s not snowing of course).

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