March Madness Giveaway



Of course, my blog is usually about running, fitness, nutrition, etc. However, it is that time of year again and I thought it would be fun to do a March Madness giveaway.

Here is how it works:

1) Review the brackets above
2) Select a Final Four/Final Two/National Champion
3) In the comments section on my blog, write out your Final Four, Final Two and National Champion — For example, Syracuse, Virginia, Creighton, Wichita State/Syracuse, Wichita State/Syracuse
4) Hit “Post Comment”
5) Have regrets about your choices

The Scoring

I’m hoping to keep it simple. You will receive a point for every Final Four team you pick correctly. If only one person selects the Final Four correctly, s/he wins (there is only one winner). The other picks will be disregardad. If there is a tie with regard to the number of Final Four teams picked correctly, the tiebreaker will be who has more of the Final Two teams correct. If there is still a tie, the tiebreaker will be whoever correctly picks the National Champion.

Yes, I realize that this still leaves the possibility of a tie. It happens.

Allyson Felix and Jeneba Tarmoh at the 2012 Olympic Trials

Allyson Felix and Jeneba Tarmoh at the 2012 Olympic Trials

Here is the final tiebreaker, if need be:


You must make your picks by noon (EST) on Thursday. If they are not submitted by then, they will be disregarded. Also, only one entry per person.

The Giveaway

Finally, the good part. You are playing for a prize pack that includes some or all of the following:



Generation UCAN (Cran-Raz)

Generation UCAN (Cran-Raz)



You should enter early. I have a feeling this contest is going to be in high demand.

Smile if you are excited to enter the contest!

Smile if you are excited to enter the contest!

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25 Responses to March Madness Giveaway

  1. Ahahha! I am horrible at guessing, so instead, I’ll simply wish good luck to everyone else who chooses to participate 🙂 xoxo

    PS. Love that Ellen picture from Oscars!

  2. I’m copying your vote!

  3. RunningTall says:

    Ohio State,Michigan St.,Arizona, Louisville/Ohio St, Louisville/Ohio State

  4. Nicki says:

    Pittsburgh, Michigan State, Oklahoma, Wichita State / Michigan State, Wichita State / Michigan State

  5. piratebobcat says:

    Oh no, I have not been following college basketball this year (except for my school). So I’m going to take the 4 #1 seeds. Is that bad? Haha!

  6. lamhookem says:

    Florida-UNC-Wisconsin-Wichita State/ Florida-Wisconsin/ FLORIDA #gogators

  7. Bridget says:

    Okay here it goes and this is from a person who did a bracket based on team mascots one year: Florida,Cincinnati (because they have Cincinnati chili); Arizona, Michigan/ Cincinnati – Michigan/ Cincinnati winning because when you are from Ohio you are required to hate Michigan.

  8. emmelineruns says:

    Final 4: Arizona, Mich St, Florida, Duke. Championship: State/Zona. Winner…ugh. I don’t know. State? I don’t want to pick a Michigan team to win but oh well.

  9. FF: Harvard, St. Josephs, Oregon, UMass – Overall winner will be Oregon!

  10. RunningTall says:

    Well I knocked this outta the park. 🙂 Heard 85% of the billion dollar brackets are bust because of OSU. 🙂

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