Ryan Hall To Run Boston; Mary CaINJURED

Who's the mzungu?

Who’s the mzungu?

Ryan Hall

FINALLY. The return of Ryan Hall is upon us (probably). The Boston Marathon announced yesterday that Hall is now a part of the field. In fact, he has the 5th fastest PR of anyone in the field. Here’s what the elite field looks like right now:

Dennis Kimetto (KEN) 2:03:45
Lelisa Desisa (ETH) 2:04:45
Gebre Gebremariam (ETH) 2:04:53
Markos Geneti (ETH) 2:04:54
Ryan Hall (USA) 2:04:58
Wilson Chebet (KEN) 2:05:27
Tilahun Regassa (ETH) 2:05:27
Shami Dawud (ETH) 2:05:42
Eric Ndiema (KEN) 2:06:07
Frankline Chepkwony (KEN) 2:06:11
Micah Kogo (KEN) 2:06:56
Adil Annani (MAR) 2:07:43
Paul Lonyangata (KEN) 2:07:44
Joel Kimurer (KEN) 2:07:48
Lusapho April (RSA) 2:08:32
Abdi Abdirahman (USA) 2:08:56
Meb Keflezighi (USA) 2:09:08
Brett Gotcher (USA) 2:10:36
Mathew Bowen (KEN) 2:10:57
Jason Hartmann (USA) 2:11:06
Nick Arciniaga (USA) 2:11:30

Hall stated:

“I am incredibly excited to participate in this year’s Boston Marathon. After watching the tragic events that unfolded at last year’s race and knowing the resilience of both the running and Boston communities, I knew this year’s race was going to be a run of redemption that I am eager to be a part of. This year’s race will undoubtedly be the most historically significant marathon in Boston’s storied history.”

So how will Hall do? Personally, I think he will… win. I know, I know. Once you finish laughing, keep reading. Sure, Ryan hasn’t run a decent marathon since Olympic Trials in 2012. He hasn’t run a truly impressive marathon since Boston in 2011. That is three full years. However, Ryan hasn’t been sitting on the couch eating donuts.

Last fall, Bill Rodgers stated:

“I think he’s going to come back from this rough patch of injuries to run well again. From a U.S. perspective, he’s been like a monk keeping the light of learning alive through the middle ages. In this era of East African dominance, he’s kept American marathoning viable.”

Wesley Korir, who won Boston in 2012, stated last year:

“We miss Ryan here. Everybody needs Ryan Hall – he always brings a special quality to a marathon. Remember, here in Boston in 2011, it was Ryan who gave that big midrace surge. There wouldn’t have been all those amazing times that day without Ryan going out and pushing the pace.”

This time around, don’t expect Ryan to get caught up in the energy of Wellesley. Look for him to mark time through the middle of the race and then try and match the late moves by Kimetto, Geneti, Chebet, etc.

Of course, check back here as the race approaches for my full Boston preview.



Mary Cain

Mary Cain was also in the news yesterday. Unfortunately, she has withdrawn from World Indoor Championships. In a statement posted on the USATF site, Cain said:

“Unfortunately I will not be able to travel to the IAAF World Indoor Championships in Sopot. Over the past week, I developed a discomfort in my lower calf. I had an MRI scan on Saturday and it was all clear, but I still feel the pain when I wear spikes and have decided not to risk making it worse in Poland. I hope to be able to run in the World Indoor Championships many times in the future. I wish all my fellow USA athletes the best and hope they bring home lots of medals from Poland.”

Heather Kampf will be taking Cain’s place in Poland.

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4 Responses to Ryan Hall To Run Boston; Mary CaINJURED

  1. emmelineruns says:

    I’m sad about Cain, I was really looking forward to watching her. I would love to see Hall win Boston, I just have no reason to believe right now that he will so my prediction is third though I’ll be thrilled if he proves me wrong 🙂

  2. leerunsdistances says:

    That stinks about Mary Cain how unfortunate but woohoo for the return of Ryan Hall!!! I’m hoping only the best for him and how sweet it would be if he could pull off winning Boston.

  3. such a bummer about mary cain! i hope she heals quick & gets back to layin down the hammer soon!

  4. Mollie says:

    I hope he does well in Boston. I feel like he needs one good race and he’ll be back on track. I don’t really follow men’s road racing and track as much as I do women’s, but you can’t avoid hearing about Ryan Hall in the news (much like Alan Webb). It can’t be easy to feel like you’re under the microscope like that. I have a hard time with deciding how I feel about Mary Cain- she’s so young…

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