Tipp Hill Shamrock Run (Before)

2013 Tipp Hill Shamrock Run

2013 Tipp Hill Shamrock Run

On Saturday, I will be running the Tipp Hill Shamrock Run (see my review of the race here).

The forecast for the race is:


This is a little cooler than I would prefer, but it’s not terrible.

This race is the last one I will run for eight weeks (my next race is the Mountain Goat on May 4th).

The Shamrock Run is a tricky little four miler. In the past, I’ve run 25:04 (2007), 25:18 (2008), 23:22 (2009), 24:03 (2010), 23:59 (2011) and 23:04 (2012). I describe it as “tricky” because there are lots of ups and downs and very few flat areas. Once again, I will be rocking the Strong Hearts colors for the race:


I’ve had a difficult time coming up with a goal for this race. My first thought was that I should try and break 22 minutes (5:30/mile). Then, for a fleeting moment, I thought I might be able to break 21:30 (5:22/mile). Now, I’m pretty much back to where I started. I think I’d be happy with anything under 22 minutes. So, we’ll see how it goes – check back after the race for a video recap and a full race report!

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5 Responses to Tipp Hill Shamrock Run (Before)

  1. Kristin says:

    Good luck!! I’m sure you’ll do fantastic!!!

  2. leerunsdistances says:

    Best wishes and speedy vibes! Can’t wait for the report

  3. Sounds tough, and those are very ambitious goals. I know you are fast and hope you achieve whatever you decide. Good luck! Oh and that shirt is cool!

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