You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

This past weekend was USA Track and Field Indoor Championships. Wow, talk about drama! Unfortunately, little of it was on the track. I’m not even sure where to start but I’ll give it my best try!

February 22, 2014. 3:31 MST.

The women’s 3000m goes off and the pace is slow – real slow. As you would expect, it initially bunches everyone up and sets up for a fast finish.

Hasay leads Grunewald

Hasay in front of Grunewald

During the final lap, there was contact between Hasay and Grunewald. An official put up a yellow flag indicating a possible infraction. Meanwhile, Grunewald went by Hasay and then Rowbury for the win.

Gabe Grunewald For The Win.

Gabe Grunewald for the win.

Jordan ended up finishing fourth and was upset after the race.

Jordan Hasay

Jordan Hasay

Salazar couldn’t believe Jordan finished fourth and he started pointing fingers.


Salazar petitioned to have Grunewald disqualified. The referee denied the petition. Salazar then appealed the decision, which was heard by a three-person USATF Jury of Appeal, and they also ruled in Grunewald’s favor. The USATF rules state:

The decision of the Jury of Appeal shall be final. There shall be no further right to appeal. The Jury of Appeal may, however, reconsider decisions if new conclusive evidence is presented.

This is where things get weird. That should have been the end of it. Unless new evidence is presented, the issue is resolved. However, Salazar and other Nike representatives were still not satisfied.


Eagle Eye, who is in charge of instant replay, stated that no new evidence was presented. According to, Eagle Eye representatives stated:

We just replayed the exact same footage that we had. There was no new footage – nothing new at all.

However, the third appeal went in Hasay/Salazar/Nike’s favor and Grunewald was disqualified. USATF never released the “new evidence” or even specifically stated what it was. It never stated where the evidence came from or the basis of the reversal.

This caused an uproar amongst both athletes and fans.

Will Leer: I'm so distraught I may never shave again.

Will Leer: I’m so distraught I may never shave again.

Nick Symmonds: If this isn't resolved, I'm going to stop being beautiful.

Nick Symmonds: If this isn’t resolved, I’m going to stop being beautiful.

Bernard Lagat: Where do I collect my pension?

Bernard Lagat: Where do I collect my pension?

Mary Cain: Do you like the ribbons in my hair?

Mary Cain: Do you like the ribbons in my hair?

Jim Boeheim: This is bullsh*t!!

Jim Boeheim: This is bullsh*t!!

In all seriousness, many athletes were pissed off!

Will Leer (a Nike athlete) stated:

“I would be remiss if I didn’t take this moment to say how badly I feel for Gabriele and how much I think the DQ is a disgrace… USATF needs to get their act together with that one.”

Nick Symmonds, even before this fiasco, stated:

“The more I have to deal with USATF’s nonsensical decisions, the more I have to deal with Nike controlling the sport, some days I’m so overwhelmed it makes me just want to hang up my shoes and say, all right, you guys can have it, I’m going to do something else.”

The following day, the (non-Nike) women in the 1500m protested Gabe’s 3000m disqualification.


Anyhow, to make a long story short(er), on Monday, Salazar withdrew his protest – most likely at the request of Jordan Hasay who released a statement on her blog. So it’s all over, right? Not quite.

February 22, 2014. 3:47 MST.

The men’s 3000m, unlike the women’s, went out fast. Andy Bumbalough led through 2000m before starting to fade.


He was ultimately passed by several runners and finished eighth. And then he was disqualified. USATF hasn’t said much, but he may have been disqualified for interference for slowing down and making it more difficult for other athletes to pass him somewhere around 2,000m — um, what? But it gets weirder. According to and also reported on, Salazar and Jerry Schumacher (also a Nike coach) got into a heated argument and Alberto had to be physically restrained. Apparently, he thinks Schumacher and his athletes were conspiring to beat Galen Rupp (isn’t that the idea?).

Anyhow, this was an ugly black eye for track and field. First, we had Nike exerting pressure to strip a two-time cancer survivor of her title. Second, we had the best known (American) coach in the sport needing to be restrained as he went after another prominent coach. Ouch. I know I’ve gone on longer than normal so I’ll wrap things up. However, I should first point out that USATF gets over $10 million per year from Nike as part of a marketing deal (as reported by ESPN) – this makes up over 40% of USATF’s annual budget. While this is not against the rules, does it make the organization beholden to Nike?


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14 Responses to You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

  1. Chris Loughlin says:

    Nice write up! I hope Will Leer never shaves that beard, bearded runners rule!!
    PS – I stopped into Strong Hearts for lunch yesterday and got my runners club tee to represent at the Shamrock-Tipp Hill Run!

  2. This is the best recap of the entire situation I’ve read.

  3. Interesting! Thanks for sharing, I don’t read “real” running news so at least now I know. 🙂

  4. Given that I live on the other side of the big pond, I’d only heard that there were issues at the Championships, and that Nike was involved. I’m therefore really interested in this very clear write-up, thank you for sharing this. It does indeed look very dodgy… =( I just feel bad for the athletes!

    • Jason says:

      I do too – especially the ones who count on these races for a paycheck! To Brooks’ credit, they said they were going to pay Grunewald her bonus, even after she was disqualified (and before she was reinstated), because they knew something shady was going on.

  5. This was a great recap of it all, and I read quite a few articles about it. I think that the relationship between Nike and USATF is a little off. Nike is a large company but the way they handle things sometimes makes me wonder why people still like them.

    • Jason says:

      I wonder the same thing! This situation has brought a lot of negative attention to the relationship between Nike and USATF so maybe some change will come out of it.

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