Lake Effect Half Marathon (After)

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Yesterday was the Lake Effect Half Marathon. Below, you can watch my first ever video recap:

I had never run this race before but I had heard good things (including the Runner’s World article). The weather was pretty nice (for Syracuse in winter) and I ran in shorts and short sleeves. Beforehand, I thought I had a good chance at a PR – my training has been going well, my legs felt decent and the weather was good enough. As you can see, the course is really flat!


As I said in the video above, the course is a double out and back, which is pretty neat because you see people over and over again – I met fellow bloggers Hollie, Laura and Heather before the race, and we all cheered for each other while we were running. Speaking of Hollie, she got a shout-out before the race for raising $2500 for Ophelia’s Place.

The Play-By-Play

I took it out at a pretty good pace. I didn’t stop my watch for any splits but I know I went through three miles in about 17 minutes – not bad considering it was into the wind. The second three miles took about 17:20 and I was settled into a good pace. By this point, I was in 6th place and I was fairly certain that’s where I was going to finish. I’m pretty sure I went about 17:20 for the next three miles. The tenth mile – the last one into the wind – was my slowest of the race. I think it was just under 6:00. Nevertheless, I cruised through 10 miles in 57:40. With the wind at my back, I was able to pick it up again and the last 3.1 miles went down in 18:15. To make a long story short (oops, too late), I finished in 1:15:55, which was nearly a two-minute PR! I did end up finishing 6th. Click here for the full results.


Post-Race Thoughts

After the race, I felt pretty sick. That was definitely harder than I’d pushed in awhile. I was pretty sore all afternoon but I feel much better today! I think I might even try for a few easy miles. I will probably do a full review of the Lake Effect Half Marathon at some point; however, at this point, I’ll just say it was a really great race and I’d definitely recommend it!


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10 Responses to Lake Effect Half Marathon (After)

  1. You lie! There is a hill – right under the bridge leaving the parkway. I didn’t realize there was wind until we were coming back in miles 4-6. I was thanking the high heavens. Are you definitely doing the Syracuse Half Marathon? It was great to see you before the race and great PR.

  2. emmelineruns says:

    Great job! Love the short and sweet review and that is one heck of a run. I’m just going to borrow your old PR now that you’ve got a shiny new one 😉

  3. jenbigham says:

    Great job!! Loved the video recap! (Your teeth are really white!) 🙂

    Interesting course with the double out and back. People complain about having to slow down on the turns of out and backs but in a half marathon I think it would be a great motivation to see people often and cheer for/get cheered on by others. I should add this race to my list! What are the chances there will be good weather any other random year?

    Great job again! You are on a roll!

    • Jason says:

      The key is Crest White Strips! And I’m pretty sure the lighting helped too.

      What are the chances of good weather in Syracuse in February? Ha! Somewhere between one and two percent 🙂


  4. Congrats on the PR – glad we were able to meet and also have the chance to run and cheer at the same time (look at us multi-taskers go)

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