Cayuga Trails 50 Pre-Preview

The Cayuga Trails 50 is still several months away. However, I’ve been getting email updates and I’ve been tracking the entrant list, so I thought this would be a great time for a pre-preview.

This race is the 2014 USATF 50 Mile Trail Championship – that means there is over $10,000 in prize money — if you fund it, they will come. Ultrarunning magazine ranked the 2013 (men’s) race as having the eighth most competitive field in the country. The women’s race did not make the top ten in 2013, but that will surely change this year.

The men’s “elite” field currently includes:
– Matt Flaherty (2nd in 2013
– Jordan McDougal (3rd in 2013
– Brian Rusiecki (4th in 2013
– Chris Vargo (3rd at TNF EC 50 Mile Championship)
– Cole Crosby (winner of the Virgil Crest 50m
– Denis Mikhaylove (winner of the 2012 Virgil Crest 100m and the only Russian-born fruitarian in the field
– Adolfo Munguia (winner of the Green Lakes 100k)
– Daven Oskvig (2nd at the Green Lakes 100k)
– me (okay, maybe not elite… yet)

The women’s “elite” field currently includes:
– Magdalena Boulet (Olympian, 2:26 marathoner and 2nd at TNF EC 50 Mile Championship)
– Kristina Folcik (1st in 2013
– Ashley Arnold (winner of the 2013 Leadville 100m
– Cassie Scallon (winner of the 2013 Lake Sonoma 50m)
– Amy Rusiecki (3rd in 2013
– Krissy Moehl (4th at 2012 Western States & 4th at 2012 Hardrock

At this point, Sage Canaday, the 2013 winner, is not listed as an entrant. Neither is 5th place finisher Yassine Diboun (although Yassine will be in town and I doubt he is making the trip from Portland to be a spectator).

Race director Ian Golden has worked diligently to turn this into much more than just an ultra. On Friday, there will be a gathering at Ithaca Beer ( where they will be launching an ultra beer (not to be confused with Mich Ultra). On Saturday, from 2:00-5:00, there will be one of only two North American screenings of the inaugural world tour portion of the Trails In Motion Film Festival ( This event will be co-hosted by Matt Flaherty and Krissy Moehl. Finally, Yassine Diboun’s Animal Athletics ( will be around for core/training/trail clinics either the few days before or after the race.

Finally, before wrapping up, I want to give a shout-out to race director Golden for getting 100% recycled and made-in-America race shirts, as well as pre and post-race food from local businesses.

I’m really looking forward to this event, and after this winter, June can’t come fast enough!

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16 Responses to Cayuga Trails 50 Pre-Preview

  1. emmelineruns says:

    This sounds like a great race! Do you prefer ultras to shorter events? I’ve been wanting to try an ultra but I think I’m going to wait another couple years and try to reach some of my half and full goal times first. I just always get so tempted when I see these races…

    • Jason says:

      I’ve only done one ultra so far but I really liked it. I’ll have to do a couple more before I give you a definitive answer! I will say that I think training for an ultra helped with my shorter races – I set a 5k PR a month after my ultra and a marathon PR a month after that.

      How is your toe/foot feeling? Any better?

      • emmelineruns says:

        Just went for my first run after taking the week mostly off it and no pain! I took it very short and easy just in case but I think I’m good to go back to training tomorrow.

        You are dangerously close to convincing me it’s a good idea to try an ultra in the fall. I can’t believe you ran that fast after an ultra, I always assumed my speed would suffer after doing so much long, easy training which is why I’ve put it off despite wanting to run one for a while now.

      • Jason says:

        You should definitely consider it! There are some great races in the fall – you could start with a 50k and see if it affects your speed at all – maybe it’ll make you quicker too!

    • Emmeline, is that right?!?! Me too! I don’t know, but just reading Jason’s reviews & Laura’s reflections make me so excited to do it one day! And the beautiful nature doesn’t help either!!!!

  2. This is so funny! The way you put pictures together and me scrolling down the page, it seemed like the race also involved diving into a waterfall. I was like, it must be really great to cool off at some point! Silly me! I guess Friday is fast approaching. Your reviews and also Laura’s blog (This Is Thirty) make me consider ultra running as a possibility in the future, and this is HUGE!


    • Jason says:

      It almost does! There are waterfalls everywhere along the course and you have to “run” across a few small rivers – it should be interesting!

      That would be amazing if you ran an ultra!! This one looks fantastic and it isn’t too far away:

      • Oh wow! I’ll have to look into that. Maybe not this year *because, frankly, I don’t think it would be realistic*, but in a few years it’s a doable goal! Thank you so much! There are no limits to your awesomeness! xoxo

  3. Oh, that looks fantastic! One of the things I love about racing is that you get to compete with the elites of the sport – even if we can’t give them a run for their money, at least we can follow their footsteps! It’s always a fantastic feeling, so hopefully the field will fill up nicely for you. I’ll be running my first ultra in June as well, and am so excited! I look forward to hearing all about how you are getting on!

    • Jason says:

      that’s great! where is your race? what’s the course like?

      • It’s here in Scotland, on the beautiful Cateran trail – about 1.5 hours from where I live. The route is fantastic for a first ultra I think – it’s all on trails through the most beautiful and mountainous Highland scenery, but none of it is really technical as such. In fact, a large proportion of it is run on former drover’s roads. I’m stupidly excited about it right now, but I suspect the fear will come soon enough. 😉 But first, I’m running the Rome marathon next month. After that, I’ll venture into the lands of crazy milage.

      • Jason says:

        That sounds fantastic! Have you ever run Rome before? I’ve looked at the website – it looks like a great race!

      • It’s my first time running the Rome Marathon as well – I’ve been to Rome, and the route is basically a sight-seeing tour of the city, so it should be good fun! I’m mostly looking forward to a little mediterranean sunshine, as I’m getting fed up with winter here! 😉

  4. Kate M. says:

    Ahhh, photos of home. Beautiful place to run. Happy training!

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