Green Lakes Endurance Runs (50k & 100k) – Race Review


Full Disclosure: I love Green Lakes. I love the trails. I love the lakes. I have run Green Lakes hundreds of times (if not thousands) and I love it every time. Now that you know I am completely biased, here’s a review of the Green Lakes Endurance Runs.

Location: Green Lakes State Park (Fayetteville, NY)

Date: August 23, 2014

Race Organization: five stars original

This race has a nice website ( that contains most of the info you need. Registration is easy at Packet pickup was conveniently located at Fleet Feet. The main aid station was well-stocked (because it is a loop course, you hit the main aid station three times for the 50k and seven times for the 100k). There was also a supplemental aid station about halfway through the loop. The course was well-marked with flags and there were also volunteers. Finally, Leone Timing provided splits for each of your loops, in addition to your overall time:

Cost: five stars original

The 50k currently costs $60 – this goes up to $70 on July 19.

The 100k currently costs $75 – this goes up to $85 on July 19.

Course: five stars original

As I said above, the trails at Green Lakes are awesome – I’ll let these photos speak for themselves:






The course is a 12.5km loop that you do four times for the 50k or eight times for the 100k. I’ve included an elevation map below – keep in mind you will be repeating this four or eight times:


As you can see, there is basically one large uphill per loop and one large downhill per loop – by ultramarathon standards, this course is fairly flat.

Swag: four stars

You get a t-shirt and a finisher’s hat. They’re both nice and you won’t really care after the race because you finished an ultra and you don’t need another “tech” shirt filling up your closet.

Other: five stars original

Over the years, this race has been fairly competitive. Last year, Michael Daigeaun won in 3:28:27. Past runners include Bryan Rusiecki and Amy Rusiecki (of the Running Rusieckis:, Valmir Nunes, Jill Perry, Joshua Finger, Adolfo Munguia and Daven Oskvig. It is a fairly fast course and would make an excellent first ultra (it was my first).

Overall: five stars original

I love this race! It is well-organized and it’s run on one of my favorite courses. I like that it uses loops – this makes it spectator friendly – but it also helps in terms of nutrition/fuel.

Registration is now open – I have to admit, the 100k race is on my mind!

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14 Responses to Green Lakes Endurance Runs (50k & 100k) – Race Review

  1. Wow! The nature is so beautiful! I think I’d feel great after 1 loop at this point of time 🙂 So to answer your question: HELL NO to running an ultra this year.


  2. WalkToRio says:

    Those pics are beautiful, would love to have a workout in that area. And no, ultras are not for me lol

  3. I can’t believe I never went here when I was living in New York.

    LOLZ for running an ultra!

  4. wow! the course is so green and pretty! you should TOTALLY do the 100k!!!!

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