January 2014


This January, I ran 243 miles. That total includes 30 running days and 1 off day. This is a significant improvement over January 2013 when I ran 193 miles.

Best Workouts:

Early in the month, I was able to do lots of stairs. This sounds a little ridiculous, but these workouts served several purposes. First, they mimicked the 50-mile course I’m racing in June, which has thousands of stairs. Second, stairs are the best opportunity around here to get in some steeper vertical climbs (over 10%). Third, I was able to run some of the repeats hard, effectively making them speed workouts.


I was only able to do one race in January – a 5k on snow-covered roads in single-digit temperatures. I still managed to run 18:02 and I’m extremely happy with that time at this point in the year.

Looking Forward:

I’m pretty sure my next race will be a half marathon at the end of February. In the meantime, I’m looking to get in quality miles and hopefully a few speed workouts if the weather cooperates.


It was a cold month!! There were ten days this month where the temperature was zero degrees or lower (not the wind chill, the actual temperature). A couple of times throughout the month, it started to get to me. However, I managed to make it through. To paraphrase the old saying: There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing choices.

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7 Responses to January 2014

  1. That’s a lot of miles, nice!

  2. What a fantastic month, especially given that it’s winter – super well done! Incidentally, I’ll also run a 55 mile trail race in June – my first ultra! I’m so excited about it. 😉

  3. That’s some great volume. I’m sure it will translate to a great finish in June! Great job and keep it up!

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