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The other day, I mentioned Galen Rupp’s extraordinary post-race workout (https://mustlovejogs.com/2014/01/28/post-race-recovery/). Apparently, some people thought it was too extraordinary.

The first person to raise an eyebrow publicly was Craig Virgin. For you youngsters who aren’t familiar with this name, Craig is the only American ever to win Gold at the World Cross Country Championships (he did it in ’80 and ’81) and he ran 2:10:26 at the 1981 Boston Marathon.

Anyhow, Craig took to social media and stated:

What is Galen taking or doing… that is giving him such amazing recuperative/restorative powers? I have never seen anything like this…but he did it after his AR 13:01 5K last weekend and after his 3:50.9 mile indoors last January. I am sorry to sound so jaded… but after reading so much about Lance Armstrong and Alex Rodriguez’s sophisticated and undetected doping schemes this past year …. I just don’t know what to believe anymore.

He qualified his statement a little bit, adding:

I wish USATF would release what Therapeutic Use Exemption medical treatments that Galen is on that may give us one hint of what is really going on here. I am tired of rumors about TUE’s and we need some transparency in this area to maintain the integrity in our sport.

In a follow-up comment, Craig stated:

I only wrote… what most all of you were probably thinking. I said that it is truly sad… that when an athlete gets to this record setting level… in this day and age… that we are all jaded from recent experience… to wonder if it was “natural” or “aided.”

If this were just Craig Virgin talking, it would probably be no big deal. I probably wouldn’t be posting about it right now! However, Richie Boulet, Nick Arciniaga and Tim Broe all “liked” his comment.

It didn’t stop there – a short while later, Anthony Famiglietti tweeted:

A magic show can be impressive, but we go home largely unaffected as we understand the misdirection & deception that took place.

perhaps Famiglietti thinks Rupp has sinned (sorry, I couldn't resist)

perhaps Famiglietti thinks Rupp has sinned (sorry, I couldn’t resist)

Last, but not least, Kara Goucher, a former Nike Oregon Project member, “favorited” Famiglietti’s comment.


There are a few possibilities here:

1) Rupp’s performace was too good to be true and Craig and company are onto something
2) Rupp is just that good
3) Rupp isn’t quite that good – but he had one of those days when everything clicks
4) Rupp may or may not be that good – but either way, he’s making people jealous

At this point, I don’t have a strong opinion. Rupp’s two-mile performance was impressive – but six people in the world have gone faster. Not only that, but his first four mile repeats (4:21, 4:20, 4:20, 4:16) would have gained little attention on their own – it was only the 4:01 that raised a red flag.

The message boards on letsrun.com have been buzzing – and they will continue to do so as Rupp keeps taking down records.


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2 Responses to EPO

  1. I’m curious to see if they drug test him publicly. I don’t know all the rules/regulations for that though.

  2. Jason says:

    here’s an update on this story, with additional commentary from Craig and others:

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