Cainsanity Arrives in Boston


Mary Cain arrived in Boston with her eye on the World Junior Indoor Mile Record of 4:24:10 (held by Kalkidan Gezahegne of Ethiopia) and possibly even thoughts of Mary Slaney’s American record of 4:20.5. However, it was not to be. Cain missed the World Junior Record by a hundreth of a second and was several seconds short of Slaney’s mark. With that being said, it was still the seventh fastest time ever by an American runner. Cain continues to make it more and more clear that she is ready to run against the world’s best. Abbey D. finished second in the race, over four seconds back, and Jordan Hasay was third.

Mary and Jordan comparing pony tails after the race

Mary and Jordan comparing pony tails after the race

While Cain just missed the World Junior Indoor Record (for now), this made me wonder if she has a shot at the outdoor record. It is currently held by the (in)famous Zola Budd. Her time of 4:17:57 has been the record since August 1985 – which makes it about eleven years older than Mary Cain. I think the perfect setting for an attempt would be the Prefontaine Classic BUT… there is no women’s mile at the Classic, only a men’s mile (the women do race an extremely competitive 1500m – last year, ten women ran under 4:05). Should the meet add a women’s mile this year in addition to the 1500m? instead of the 1500m?

Finally, this post is primarily about Mary Cain; however, I have to mention the performance in Dubai by Tsegaye Mekonnen. The 18-year-old Ethiopian ran a 2:04:32 marathon debut in Dubai for the win. Apparently, it was a good week to be a teenager (except for Biebs, of course).

Tsegaye Mekonnen celebrating his victory

Tsegaye Mekonnen celebrating his victory

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One Response to Cainsanity Arrives in Boston

  1. Did Cain get a hair cut?

    I was actually wondering how outdoor would go for her. It should be a really interesting Spring Season.

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