Chilly Chili 5k (Before)


This Sunday, I will be participating in my first race of the year. Not only that, it is my first race in over three months. It is the Chilly Chili 5k located in Cazenovia, New York. I’ve run this race before but it was several years ago and I don’t remember much about it. However, I decided to do it this year as part of the Strong Hearts Running Club (see previous post). It’s going to be cold – as in 12 degrees cold… and the wind chill will be well-below zero. So that’s fun.

I’m still not 100% for the race. If the roads are covered in snow or ice, I probably won’t run. I can’t justify putting myself at risk of an injury for a 5k in January. With that being said, I’m hoping the roads will be clear! If they are, I’ve set a tentative goal of 17:30(ish). Last year, I ran two 5ks – one of them was in the 16:40s and one of them was over 18 minutes. So I was pretty much all over the map. I don’t know what to expect! Regardless, it should be fun and it’ll be nice to get back into that racing mindset.

Check back on Monday and I’ll let you know how it goes!

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One Response to Chilly Chili 5k (Before)

  1. Kate M. says:

    Hope you get the chance to run it (and stay warm!).

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