Alaska Mountain Ultrarunning Camp Scholarship


Here is a little about Alaska Mountain Ultrarunning Camp (put on by Geoff Roes):

The scholarship program for the camp is designed to help individuals interested in attending Alaska Mountain Ultrarunning Camp who could not otherwise afford to do so.

Click below to order some Juneau Mountain Coffee – $4 from each pound sold goes directly to the camp scholarship fund

Thanks for checking this out!


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3 Responses to Alaska Mountain Ultrarunning Camp Scholarship

  1. Don Roes says:

    Jason.- Glad to see Geoff get some local recognition. Although he grew up in central NY he is far more recognized in the rest of the country and overseas. I assume that you attended one of his camps in Juneau. Thanks for posting.
    Don Roes (Geoff’s dad)

    • Jason says:

      Hi Don, great to hear from you! Unfortunately, I haven’t made it to one of Geoff’s camps yet, but maybe someday. Actually, I learned of Geoff watching Unbreakable, and when I looked him up, I was (pleasantly) surprised to learn he was originally from CNY. I ran my first ultra last year and I’m signed up for another this summer – Geoff continues to be a great inspiration!

      • Don Roes says:

        Thanks Jason. Geoff attended Central Square and excelled in section III cross country. He then attended S.U. And was third on the team in his freshman year before sustaining an injury prior to his soph. year. He was then out of running for several years before getting into a series of races in Ak called the Alaskan Grand Prix. He was the overall winner in his first year and it all took off from there.

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