NUMBER 5: Yiannis Kouros


I know what many of you are thinking… who the f**k is Yiannis Kouros?! Yiannis Kouros is the best runner that you’ve never heard of.

Here are some of his records:

100 miles on the road – 11:46:37 (7:04/mile)
1000 miles on the road – 10 days, 10 hours, 30 minutes, 36 seconds
12 hours (track) – 100.91 miles (7:08/mile)
24 hours (track) – 188.59 miles (7:38/mile)
48 hours (track) – 294.40 miles (9:47/mile)

Probably the most remarkable thing about Yiannis is that he’s still running! At the age of 57, he covered over 550 miles at the Across the Years Six Day Race in Arizona, just a couple of weeks back. He came in second overall (Joe Fejes took the win). Apparently, he was less than thrilled with the conditions of the race; however, that is neither here nor there.

While he really never competed at “shorter” distances, Yiannis Kouros is surely the greatest endurance runner of all-time.

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