NUMBER 5: Deena Kastor


Honestly, I wasn’t sure where I should place Deena – or if she should even make the list. Perhaps I am biased here because I was able to watch Deena race in her prime. With that being said, here are some of her impressive accomplishments:

2002: set US women’s road 5k record of 14:54
2003: set US women’s marathon record of 2:21:16 besting JBS’s time by five seconds
2004: won bronze medal in the Olympic Marathon (seen below)
2005: set US women’s road 8k record of 24:36
2006: set US women’s half marathon record of 1:07:34
2006: broke her own US women’s marathon record and ran 2:19:36 while winning the London Marathon (seen above). Deena is still the 10th fastest female marathoner of all-time (and her time is still the 15th fastest time ever)


When interviewed the day after winning the bronze medal in Athens, Deena said, “I had heard conflicting reports along the way, so I did not want to celebrate until I heard something official from the stadium announcer. When I heard my name in bronze medal position, I burst into tears and ran hysterically around the track.”

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